A day in the life...

Happy Thursday!

A regular day in the life.  I have never done one of these before, I guess I just don't want the whole world super jealous of my exciting life.  :)

5:30-6:30  WAKE UP.  Just depends on the mini man.

6:15-6:30 get dressed, load up the dog for a morning bathroom stroll and head out for a round of the grounds.

6:45 sit down to watch Fox 10 news and usually cuddle B3 while drinking my morning green spinach smoothie (that Ben makes!), and lately I've simultaneously read my book.

Just finished this one.  I gave it 4 stars...the first part was a little slow.

7:30  Bentz wants breakfast:  berries and cereal.  Whatever berry is on sale, this week strawberries!

8:00ish jump on my computer and figure out my work day and take care of any urgent matters/emails.  My work is an hour ahead of me and they start at 7am, so they are very patient. :)

8:30 get "ready."  The level of ready depends on the level of tiredness and my workload for the day, plus if we have plans to venture out somewhere.

9-11 I work while B3 sits next to (or on) me and plays with his toys.  If work is slow then I spend the time doing miscellaneous crap (laundry, dishes, read, blog, workout video), and play with Bentz.

This Utah based city wanted a basic podium of sorts, so I came up with this one.

10:45 B3's lunch time.  Early because he asks for it allllllllll day long.  He gets to watch Youtube's KidTV, so pretty sure this is his favorite part of the day.  I keep working while he eats and sings  along with multiple renditions of the alphabet.

12:00ish B3's nap time, my work-like-mad time and best time to take phone calls.

2:30-3 Kid wakes up and it's time for a snack and another round of playtime.

4:00 if work isn't too busy then we'll head out for an adventure (park, ice cream, library, grocery store, errands, workout, playdate, swim, color, etc.)  Since it's been so hot lately, we've mostly stayed in though.  The ole Honda AC could use a serious recharge for these 115 degree days.  :D

5:30 Start dinner:  Blue Apron or Sunbasket most of the time.

6:15  Family deener time

6:45  Hang out with the fam.  Sometimes an ice cream run, walk over to the pool, etc.

8:00  B3's bedtime.  Ben gets him all ready for bed and I take the dog out on an evening bathroom stroll.  Then we all read in bed.

9:00-9:30  Lights out for the old geezers.  Ben works out at 5, and I am perma-tired.

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