Friday Favorites [of July]

These Oreo Smores pancakes from Butterfields's Pancake House.  They also have the best freshly squeezed orange juice that is to die for.  Each time we go, I have to have a salty side of bacon to counter the dessert I eat for my breakfast.  :)

Wednesday we signed and our home recorded earlier today!  Our final farewell selfie after we gave it one last vacuum Tuesday night.

Which brings me to our countdown chain.  Bentz colored it and I put it together when we went under contract on the new house, and we are days from closing on that one as you can see.  When it was really long it drove Ben crazy every time he opened the door and it blew all around, but my requirement was it remained there so we could watch the progress every single day.  :D

Super glittery new shoes!  Most of mine are packed and it's weird for me to not have the variety I usually have, so I have found myself shopping for shoes quite often.  Plus when prego, shoe shopping is still fun.

My first baby, Rykar the Iggy, just turned 14!  He is pretty deaf and blind and skittish because of it, but otherwise he still seems healthy!  The other night I took him potty and somebody was like, "It's a Kylie Jenner dog!!"  :P

Bentz loves to help me "cook."  Especially when I made Oreo crust for an Oreo no-bake dessert.  He called it "baby cookies."

Have a fabulous Friday!

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