House/s -- Making some changes!

Last weekend we moved everything left in our house, out.  By we, I mean not me or B3, we ended up going to McDonalds and then to the library to stay out of the way, otherwise I just have to follow him everywhere and it's a lot of work!  Tomorrow we sign and we say goodbye forever, then you will no longer have to read anymore bittersweet words of saying goodbye to our first home.

BUT!!! until then...

Moving Day:
This was not the piano, I couldn't bring myself to even watch that be loaded, but I did ask for some extra TLC.  This was a 1000 lb piece of furniture and these guys were champs...

One last look at the pool.  I am so sad about this.  It was sparkling and begging me to jump in.

One last sunset.

Next week we'll get our keys for the new house!  It's a really pretty home and pretty much could be turn-key, but we don't really love the color scheme:  browns.

We're going to have the whole place painted before we move in, and we (aka Ben) will be replacing the baseboards with a bigger more modern baseboard, kind of like we did in our first home!  Then we'll slowly change everything over to our modern tastes.

Colors always look different on a computer screen.

Last summer we put an offer on a home and didn't get it, but it was the color scheme we loved and we're taking some ideas from it.  I really want the chandelier.

That house had the master bedroom and bathroom painted BLACK including the ceiling!  Most people would hate that, but we loved it.  I don't think we'd ever commit and do it in our house because reversing it would be a lot of work, but we've been inspired (with that Grizzle Gray color for the master walls).

(Below is Grizzle Gray)

We went a bit darker on our last master bedroom and really liked it.  In AZ it's nice to have a darker cave-ish place to retreat to because we have sunshine almost every day!

You can imagine we have a million Pinterest/idea boards going on.  Today we ordered a barn door for the master bedroom which I'm adultishly stoked about.

Ben's boss said the way to leave a house you have loved behind, is to move out of it into a small temporary space, because then when you buy a new house you're even more excited about getting into it.  I think this rings so very true.

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