Nearly 3

The other day I went into the bedroom and heard the noise maker (that's on a remote control) was turned on, which was odd because it was like 4pm.  Trailing behind me was mister B3 who then informed me that "Eyes" (Mister Potato Head) was taking a nap!  B3 had even lined up some cars for his nap, which is what I do for B3.  I have no idea how long this nap was going on, but then he picked Eyes up out of the crib and gave him a kiss.  :D

(These are blurry because they're images from a video and in a dark, dark room.)

Baby boy is coming up on his 3rd birthday in a couple of months, so he's not a baby at all, but he'll always be our baby boy.  I need to keep posting about him because he's learning and growing so fast and amazes us on the daily.  Ben and I look at each other a million times every day and say, "man, how is he so freaking cute?!?!"  It sure is different when it's your own kid, you just adore every. single. thing.

Some B3-isms:

-Gets SO excited when Ben gets home, they immediately play "dog & mouse," aka Bentz throws his stuffed animals at Ben and vice versa.  He could do this for hours and sometimes we can't get him to pause for dinner because he could care less about food.

-Asks for lunch at least 50 times in the morning, but is not a huge fan of the actual meal, just the fact that he gets to watch Kids TV while eating it.  :P  Any way to get him to consume some calories.

-Loves nap time and asks for it.  Still naps 2-3 hours in the afternoon.

-Obsessed with Hotwheels cars, trucks, firetrucks, helicopters "hehgogos," ambulances, tractors, DUMP TRUUUCK, etc.  Sleeps with them.  Eats with them.  Talks about them nonstop.

-No longer says "deesaw" for thank you, which is kind of sad because it was so cute.  Now it's a cute high pitched "thank you mama, thank you dada."

-Drinks Pediasure everyday still.  He's gained weight but I'm sure he's still threatening to fall of the chart.  He's going to be like 8 years old and still drinking it, and ONLY it, because there are just too many fun other things to do.

-Had his first swim lesson late spring and SCREAMED the entire time!!  He has swam probably 75 times in his life, but the water was always summer/bathtub-ish, and this day it was low 80s and the water was cold, and his teeth chattered and he cried, "it's cold it's cold!!!"  It was kind of sad.  :(  Now he's afraid of the pool, so major setback.

-Loves to go on drives, or "dribes."  Probably because they usually end up with ice cream.  :P

-Loves to talk to dad on the phone.  Walks around the house doing miscellaneous things while holding the phone to his ear and chatting away.

-Asks for a "new diapuh" after he does anything in it.  I'm going to wait until after we move/the baby comes to potty train, I'm just not ready for it, but sometimes lately I wonder if that's too late because he cannot handle having a slightly wet diaper for the life of him.

-Loves to help dad fix things or build with Legos.

^He said he was making a truck.  :)

-Has a hard time NOT throwing his toy cars/trucks, so we've stopped letting him bring them anywhere out of the house.  One time we were walking to our car and he threw his metal Mater truck and nailed a guy's car RIGHT in front of the guy.  Ugh.  The guy was really nice about it, but gah, what do you do.  And after Bentz chucked his big school bus and almost nailed somebody at church, we said no more!  Now he only gets to have coloring books at church.

-Loves stickers and sticking them everywhere.

-Knows his colors really well and we'll say, "go get your gray shoes," and he'll go get them.  His gray shoes seem to be his favorite these days.

-Gets a new Hotwheels car every Saturday when we go grocery shopping.  They are <$1 and it's to the point that we can't drive past the grocery store (or even in the general direction) without him asking to go to the store and get a car.  He has sooo many cars.  He's a little spoiled, but one day soon it won't be about just him anymore.  Kind of sad.

-Still looks just like Ben.

-Wakes up at 5:30-6:30 and slithers off the bed, "bye *mwah*" and blows a kiss as he ventures off to see if dad is back from Crossfit yet.  0 to 60 in 0.00001 seconds.

-Knows his ABCs and sings them everyday like 50 times.  He loves q r SSSSSSS t u VVVVVV (which is kind of a WEEEE) w XXXXX y and ZZZZ.

-On our walks he also likes to point to the cars, "WHITE TRUCK!!"  "BLUE CAR!!"  "BLACK WEH WOO WEE!!  (SUV)  Also tells me when a car needs a wash, or if it's a baby car, or big truck, etc.

-He's very sensitive and always says "hug!!" and wants a big long hug.  Or he wants to sit on our lap.

-Already getting embarrassed by me.  If I dance he'll sometimes say, "no dance mama!"  :P

-If he's interested in eating then he loves steak.  The other night he had five helpings of steak (ground hamburger).  He didn't want any cotton candy grapes or deliciousness of the sorts, just "more steak please!!"  We'll go with it!

-Has to have his hair done before we leave the house.  "Mama, hairs!!"

-Inherited my sweating genes and when it's super hot out his hair will start to get all wet from sweating.  I feel bad when I put him in a hot car.

-Hates the bath suddenly (since we moved into the apartment).  I'm not sure if it's because it has big sliding glass doors on it or what, but he HATES it and it's seriously going to put me into labor when I bathe him, I swear.  When we move we're going to get some new, fun bath toys, and he's going to LOVE it (hopefully).

Nose = mose
Teeth = teeees
Hair = hairs
Elephant = elpuhpent
SUV = weh woo wee (my FAVORITE)
Helicopter = hehgogo
Scary = skee
TV = tb
Drive = dribe
Ice cream = is-creem
School bus = spool bus
City bus = cibi bus
I love you = i ruv you
Mack truck = mat trUCK
Fireplace = pirepace
Popcorn = puckorn
Chicken = tick'n

Love this little boy!


  1. He's so cute! Maybe I'll start buying him foam cars.

  2. Cutie! I see he's already got a sense of shoes -- perfect!!

    Having a kid changed my perspective on 3-year-olds. I used to think they were all pretty much grown, but you realize how much you still view them as babies! I guess that feeling will probably persist forever!!