Our cute house! Making some changes.

Probably one of the things I'm most excited for with our new house, is to watch monsoons from the second story.  They often come from just over these hills.

And I know what B3 is excited for.

Last week we closed and the stress of this finding-a-house-before-the-baby-comes, is now gone, which is sooooo nice, I can't even begin to tell you the weight that is lifted from our shoulders.

First things first, we got the keys and promptly had lunch at the "stairs house," per Bentz, and checked it out in its vacant glory.  There's nothing like getting keys to your new place, right?

It is very Spanish brown and we decided we're going to change that, but we have been trying to decide what other changes to make before we move into it.  We've found tile we would love to replace the wood floor with since we are not wood people, but we found out the wood is glued down so the project just grew 1000%, so for now we decided to leave it.

Then it was time for trips to places that are so incredibly boring, until now, like Lowes.  This is the first time we have bought a new washer/dryer and I'm so happy!

Then we swatched paint that we had previously matched to model homes that we liked.  It made it so much easier than just starting from ground 0 on paint colors, cuz they look so different once on the wall, we learned that with our last home!

The first thing that we wanted to change was the baseboards.  The house is only a few years old, but for some reason it is common to not remove the baseboard when putting in wood flooring, then to conceal the gap, adding this quarter round.  It doesn't really make a lot of sense.

We knew we were going to change it but we didn't know what to, because removing the baseboard+quarter round would leave a huge gap that a new baseboard wouldn't completely fill.

One option was to add a square bottom piece that would look better at the corners.

Another option was we could double up the baseboards in a way that the top profile just looked like one piece of wood kind of like above, but that brought on some new problems (complicated corners, meeting a door frame that isn't as thick, etc.)  

In the end, Ben and his brother Joe came up with a very time consuming, but PERFECT solution!

Meanwhile Ben is seriously the best dad, and most patient one at that.  Sometimes I feel like I need to be a more patient mom after I watch these two.

Below you can see the large gap between the wood floor and the wall.

Ben used spare wood planks, cut them extremely thin, matched them, and glued them to fill half or so of the gap.  An extremely time consuming chore which ran the project much, much longer, but looked so good afterwards when you put the base on top.

Meanwhile got the carpets cleaned and got the bug guys out spraying for scorpions, JIC.

With the base on, you can't even see all the work Ben put in to fill the gaps, but we think it was definitely worth it.

Right now the house is being painted (we decided not to do that ourselves this time.  It takes FOR FREAKING EVER to paint your house!!).  It'll be done in a few days and I'm excited to see it transform.  I'm sure we'll be going over there every night to see the progress.  :D


  1. I love all the pics of Bentley climbing all over Ben hahahaha!

  2. Bentz climbing all over Ben is the best~!
    Love the new baseboards!!
    can't wait to see the gray you picked!