33.5 Weeks - Just over a month to go.

My age: 32 (and 11 months if you were really wondering)

How far along: 33+6

How big is baby: Essentially a cantaloupe!  Although I feel like he's a watermelon.

What have you been up to:
  We moved!!  It was so much work (still is, omg you totally forget) but it was the most fun move of the year considering it was into our new house!  And as of now we are 5 weeks 1 day from baby's scheduled C section.  My doc said even though Bentz came two weeks early, I still have a high chance of making it to my C section date.

Exercise/Activity Level:  Taking it easy.

Maternity clothes: Yup! 95% of them.  I'm actually not wearing maternity anything right now (those oversized race shirts do come in handy!), but I do have to add my belly band in because my shirts are getting short.

Stretch marks: Negative, at least that I can see.  But I did sport some chocolate on the bottom of my shirt for a few hours once and I had no idea.

Belly Button:  A record stretch.

Sleep:  I can still zonk out pretty well with Unisom.  My hands have been waking me up the last few nights more than my hips have, but luckily I've been able to still re-position and fall back asleep.

Best Moment of the Week:
 Moving!  The kids rooms we haven't even attempted to put together yet, but it'll come soon and I need to get my hospital bag packed too, JIC, because we've hit August!  Also, moving day was Ben's birthday!  He ran around for like 17 hours that day and we didn't do as much celebrating as usual, but he was pretty excited about the move that I think that made his birthday good.

Worst Moment of the Week:  On moving day I had really painful round ligament pain (I think that's what it was at least) and I couldn't stand up for like 30 minutes, plus I was having Braxton Hicks and shooting crotch pains at the same time and was kind of a massive mess (pun... haha).  But I laid down for awhile with some water and Bentz brought me a blanket for my tummy hurt, :) and all is well, I just chilled out after that.  I don't even think it was from lifting boxes but rather bending over a million times while packing the kitchen up, or maybe it was the combo.  Either way that was the end of that for me.

Food cravings:  Nothing really.

Food aversions:  Nothing really, doing good.

Symptoms:  I have started swelling noticeably more, but I also think the move and being out in the heat contributes (love moving in July! ;).  I wore compression socks on moving day, but my fingers swelled up a bunch and for the past few days they have been bothering me and waking me up throbbing at night.  Carpal Tunnel is extremely common for pregnancy so it sounds like that's what it could be because it's not getting any better.  Kinda ironic since I just got my piano back.

Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy

If you have tingling, numb and painful hands during pregnancy, it's likely to be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). 

CTS is common in pregnancy. It happens when there is a build-up of fluid (oedema) in the tissues in your wrist. This swelling squeezes a nerve, called the median nerve, that runs down to your hand and fingers, causing tingling and numbness. You may also find your grip is weaker and it's harder to move your fingers. 

CTS usually happens in your second trimester or third trimester. If you have CTS in one pregnancy, you are likely to have it in later pregnancies. CTS can also continue, or develop, in the days after the birth of your baby. 

CTS will be worse in your dominant hand and in the first and middle fingers, though it may affect your whole hand. It may be particularly painful when you wake up in the morning, because your hands have been curled up at night. 

You're more likely to develop CTS if your family has a history of it, and if you've had any problems with your back, neck or shoulders. The median nerve passes the top of your ribcage before travelling down your arm. So a previous problem in this area, such as a broken collar bone or whiplash injury, increases your likelihood of having CTS.

If you gain too much weight in pregnancy you're more likely to develop CTS. This may happen if:

This all puts extra strain on your shoulders, ribs and arms. 

CTS is uncomfortable, but it's not usually a serious condition. You'll probably find that it eases off within three months of your baby's birth. By then, your hormone and body fluid levels will return to normal.
Movement: Lots!

Gender:  Baby boy B2!

What I’m looking forward to:  Getting the nursery going and feeling prepared.  I feel so not ready for a baby, but I know that we're closer than ever to changing that.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  That all goes well.

What I miss:  I'm really missing running!  I was so excited to see that REVEL released the date for their new Mt. Lemmon race (Tucson)!!  It is on our wedding anniversary this year (Nov) and I will only be back running for a month so I can't do it, but I am trying to convince Ben and my brother to do it and then to make it a fun close getaway.  I love racing, but spectating is so fun too!  I want to do the full next year instead of Canyon City.  All these crazy running plans already.

Next appointment: 34+1 weeks, Thursday!

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