35.5 Weeks - Braxton Hicks

I had literally just woken up from a nap here.

My age: 32

How far along: 35+5

How big is baby:  Watermelon!

What have you been up to:  Friday I had a possible sign of labor that I had previously with Bentley just 48 hours before he was born, so needless to say I was stressed out because it's too soon!!  (Babies born at 35 weeks have an 85% chance of being born healthy, 15% chance of going to the NICU.)  Then I had so many contractions Friday into Friday night and got mediocre sleep at best, but by Saturday they had slowed down.  This weekend I did a whole lot of sitting in the recliner while reading, and that must've helped.

Exercise/Activity Level:  How low can you go.

Maternity clothes:  Some are becoming belly shirts!  I am a record big I think.

Stretch marks:  None yet.

Belly Button:  Stretched.

Sleep:  I am flipping over probably 1-2 times every hour so it is getting harder.  Sometimes when I flip over and think how tired I am, I think about how in a few weeks I won't be flipping over, I'll be getting right up for a feeding!

Best Moment of the Week:  This boy.  He has been so happy since we moved to the "house with stairs."  He's been really into dadda's shoes lately.

Then in March when we moved out of the house into the apartment, I set aside some capris that I had worn during my first pregnancy, so that I wouldn't lose them and could wear them all spring.  Well somehow they disappeared anyways and Ben dug through the storage unit a few times looking for them over the springtime and we never found them.  Well two weeks after we moved into this house, they showed up!!  I have a few more pairs of leggings for the next few weeks, so that makes me happy.  It's the simple things?

Worst Moment of the Week:
 Friday/Friday night stressing

Food cravings:  I don't know if this is pregnancy related, but I was randomly dying for dinner rolls so we bought some and they were amazing.  Turns out you can make them rise faster by putting them in a warm oven with a pan filled with hot water below them.  :D

Food aversions:  None, I haven't thrown up since we moved into the new house either, so that is great!

Symptoms:  I'm having a lot of Braxton Hicks!  When I get up, sit down, have to pee, after I pee, roll over, just sit there doing nothing.  All the time!  lol  I am pretty uncomfortable at this point and my body is ready to be done.

I have still been wearing compression socks almost every single day which helps a lot.  I thought it was interesting that my CEP socks keep the swelling down really well, but my Pro socks only keep it down a little bit and I mostly swell right up anyways in them.

Movement:  Yup!

Gender:  Baby boy B2!

What I’m looking forward to:  Meeting this guy for the first time!  That whole surreal experience that is closer than ever.  And it'll be so fun to have my mom here for awhile!  Plus September is major birthday month with my 33rd, my mom's 34th, Bentz's 3rd, B2 being born, sister in law Emily turning 2...3 I think?

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  All goes well.  And I'm nervous about breastfeeding again.

What I miss:  Moving without making heaving noises.  Running!

Next appointment: 36 weeks, 37 weeks, 38 weeks, and then baby day!

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