36.5 Weeks - 2 days to term!

My age:  32, for another week and a half at least

How far along:  36+5 - As of Wednesday, baby boy will no longer be considered pre-term if he were to be born.  I'm so happy to have made it to this point!  I expected to, but you just never know.

How big is baby:  Watermelon!  I swear he's going to be much much bigger than Bentz was.

What have you been up to:  I got a call on Thursday and my dad said he had some random time off and was thinking about a trip to Phoenix!  So Friday he came into town and it's been so much fun, and his longest stay ever.  Bentz is in HEAVEN, this morning they went to the store and bought a container of dinosaurs and he has been loving them.

Exercise/Activity Level:  Not a whole lot to report here for me, although Ben still is running at the crack of dawn.

Maternity clothes:  On repeat, some are too short. 

Stretch marks:  None yet.

Belly Button:  Stretched.  Getting a little weird.

Sleep:  We've had better days.

Best Moment of the Week:  Having my dad in town and doing fun things with him and the fam!  Tomorrow night we're having a Tdap party and all getting our updated vaccinations together at Costco.  ha  Also, our couch was delivered and our house is finally coming together!

Worst Moment of the Week:  The fatigue.  Struggling to function at times.

Food cravings:  Nothing really.

Food aversions:  Nothing!  Wahoo.

Symptoms:  I am just uncomfortable and feeling ready to be done.  Sunday was the first day (in my life?) that I didn't wear heels to church because my feet were already swollen enough that I couldn't get them on.  :P  I played the organ in socks because I couldn't get my organ shoes on!  

Movement:  Yup! 

Gender:  A sweet baby boy B2.

What I’m looking forward to:  Hearing that first cry!  Surreal.  Also some time home just with my family.  I am hoping to be less stressed out this time, and I'm determined not to let breastfeeding woes ruin my life (for that moment at least) and will definitely supplement formula before killing myself over it like I did with Bentz.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  I do start to worry a bit about the epidural and the whole surgery thing as we get closer, but I think that's normal.  I want everything to go well!

What I miss:  My body, agility, running, energy/energy to get ready, loads of caffeine.

Next appointment:  37 weeks, 38 weeks, and then it's baby day!

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