37.5 Weeks - I'm Ready [to pop]

I just love his little "CHEESE" grin.

My age: 32 for a few more days.  It is my birthday week, but honestly that's the last thing on my mind!

How far along: 37+5 - Baby is allowed to come at any time!  But my mom won't be here until Sunday so it's best if he waits a little bit longer.  haha  If he wants to arrive when B3 did, he'll come ON Sunday.

How big is baby: Watermelon!  Probably getting close to 7 pounds by now.

What have you been up to:  It's the last full week of life/work before our family grows!  I'm finally to a place where I feel semi-ready if he were to show up.  We have one more load of newborn/etc. items to wash today, Ben put all the baby stuff together this weekend and we washed all the seat covers /sanitized them.  I just need to bust out the breast pump and bottles and get those all washed too.

We also all went to get our Tdap booster shots at Sam's Club (Costco was totally weird to us, so my dad called Sam's and they price matched and had enough for all of us too).  Now it's recommended that your immediate family/friends who will be around the baby go get a Tdap shot every three years, and every pregnancy regardless of time frame.  Whooping cough is extremely deadly to a newborn, and unfortunately I know someone who lost their baby to it so we don't mess around.

Exercise/Activity Level:  Some would argue non-existent, but I would argue that it's high at this point.  It takes a lot of energy to move.  lol  Even getting dressed, ...have mercy.  Gotta be burning like 300 calories getting my socks on.  Pass me the Poptarts.

Maternity clothes:  Yes and yes.

Stretch marks:  None yet.  Hoping that having made it this far that I can continue to make it the final days without any showing up.

Belly Button:  Stretched.  Slightly noticeable in tight clothing.

Sleep:  I have had nights where I wake up to flip over multiple times in an hour because of my hip pain.  They are definitely getting looser by the minute.  It's amazing how your body just preps itself for what's to come.

Best Moment of the Week:  Having my dad in town was a lot of fun, Bentz has been pretty dang cute, and the house is also getting so close to not looking like we just moved in.

Worst Moment of the Week:  I am uncomfortable.  10x more so than my first pregnancy.  I told Ben that that one was glamorous in comparison.  :P

Food cravings:  Last night I was dying for some pastrami or pepperoni.  I even Googled it to see if I could just go ahead at this point in pregnancy and eat some, but the nitrates thing scared me back to a no.  Ben will just have to bring me one in the hospital.  :D

Food aversions:  Nothing! Wahoo.

Symptoms:  It seems by the end of the weekend that my swelling goes down.  Probably because I can sit a lot of it because Ben is around to chase the wild boy, and I don't sit at my desk, which I've noticed swells me right up.  By the end of the week my feet/ankles are pretty swollen, even with my compression socks.  One day my knees were even swollen, it was nuts.  I was not a fan.  haha  But our August weather hasn't been so great, it's been similar to June with above average temps and only a few monsoons so far.  July sure was a stormy treat.  The weather I think is making my swelling worse than it would be...  today will be 109?

Also my skin has been super oily the last month and started to break out.  Surprisingly I made it through most of the pregnancy without that.

Thank goodness for this:

Movement:  Yup!  I can feel he is more squished this last week or two.  I get bulges on the right side where his feet push out, and I like to push down on his little bum in the center of my belly, and feel it bounce right back.  So fascinating that there's a little human inside of me.

Gender:  Baby boy B2.

What I’m looking forward to:  Meeting the handsome little guy.  Getting pretty excited!

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  Breastfeeding, what kind of sleep we'll be getting or not getting (we have these dreams/delusions that sleep will go swimmingly the second time around haha), that all goes well!

What I miss:  I miss being able to move easier/faster, not scrutinizing ingredients, running, and lots of caffeine.

Next appointment:  One more at 38 weeks, and then it's baby day!

He has the doctor's appointments routine down.

I am snuggling him a little bit more each day because our one on one time will soon be changing.  Love this little boy!!!

9 days!