A moment of gushing.

Do you ever have days, or parts of days that are just the best??  I had one yesterday afternoon with our little B3 and it was probably one I'll remember forever, especially considering we're counting down the days until our family grows.

We had a doctor's appointment for me, and he was adorably good and so friendly to everyone around, it just made my heart burst as he walked around with his Lightning McQueen lunchbox full of dinosaurs, showing everyone who would look.  He gets a sucker when I check out and he sat quietly in a chair and ate it while I paid.  Then we had to run a few errands, and he continued to be sweet the whole time, never throwing any tantrums or attitude.  He was so patient with me looking at baby clothes when he just wanted to get to the toys at Babies R Us (I had totttally forgotten they had toys there doh).  We sang the song BINGO at least 30 times while perusing the aisles of Wal-Mart and waiting in their freaking awful line.  He was just so sweet and made my heart melt and I want to remember it forever.

He has this idea that the sun is too bright when he doesn't have his sunglasses on, so he wants us to carry him so he can bury his eyes into our neck and avoid the brightness.  It almost feels like carrying a sleeping child, and I love it, despite being hugely pregnant and pushing a cart in 100 degrees.

Such a sweet boy!  I know he will be a great big brother despite lately saying, "no baby brother!"  Just you wait little man, you will love Mr. Dash too.

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