Another Arizona August (aka Life Lately...)

I have mentioned numerous times that Bentz suddenly became terrified of the bath/pool this spring, and I'm not sure if it was his swimming lesson in not 100 degree water like he was used to, or the new bathtub with big sliding glass doors, but it has been a battle every bath time.

Grandpa wanted to help change that and after searching for some extra fun bath toys at Toys 'R' Us and not really finding much (but we did find this sweet Porsche), grandpa bought a mini pool and we put Bentz toys in it, to "swim."

Pretty soon Bentz wanted to get in and swim with his toys.

A couple days later he wanted to take his dinosaurs swimming in the tub, turned it on himself, climbed in and walah.  Then we gave him his Minions soap so he could wash the toys.  ;)

Kids are crafty little beings, but so are parents.


We have been here in our house for a month now!  It was easily the fastest month of the whole year thus far, but we're making great strides with getting it put together.

Our curtains ended up being made too short (ugh) so we have to sort through that, but this made me soooo nervous...

Still TBD.

Our bedroom, however, is coming together really well and we both love love it!  Above our bed are digital water color paintings of Las Vegas (where we met), SLC (where we got married), and Phoenix (where we currently live).

I need to unpack my camera and take some nice pictures, but it's still phone pics for now.

I would like to add a few more white pillows, and also some colorful throw pillows.  We have stuck with neutral grays but plan to bring bright color in via art/etc.

Our couch took about five weeks but it finally arrived.  It's pretty big, but there are a lot of full sprawling lay out spots on it and plenty of space for visitors!  That used to be one of our problems.

I had also laid out couch sizes so we would know what size we could fit when we went shopping.  :D

Our rugs arrived and we love them.  They are daring, modern, and perfect.


Grandpa visited earlier this month and took Bentz out a few times.  He took him to see a movie and Bentz said, "no movie, no Minions, no movie!" and was hugging my dad, so they ended up at McDonald's instead.  I'm not sure why the 'no movie,' but maybe because it was nap time.   ??  Oh toddlers, so cute yet unpredictable.


I wasn't terribly SUPER interested in the eclipse, I just thought it was cool.  Well I guess I sort of changed my mind after seeing it all over the freaking news/FB/etc. and hearing people taking work off to drive or FLY to a state to see the whole thing.  So then I became semi-interested and we went out and checked it out with my dad's hole-in-plate contraption.

The funny thing is that right at the exact time of the eclipse, here in sunny AZ it was cloudy.  lol!  But we only got a 62% view of it here anyways, and it was fun to watch the coverage on the news and all over social media.


We had our first BBQ here a couple of weekends ago and it wasn't anything extremely special and I didn't take any pictures, but it's worth noting.  :P  Ben makes the BEST burgers, and this is coming from a non-burger lover, so if you ever visit, we will make you some (we=Ben).  He adds fancy secret ingredients that I can't list on here because then my sister won't eat them next time.  haha  JK JK


So fall/autumn, too soon?

Story:  I loathe Wal-Mart.  We recently had a new fancy grocery store open up by us and literally stopped going to Wal-Mart altogether.  It has been delightful to spend less time checking out than shopping.  Well I needed one little light bulb for my Wal-Mart version of the Scentsy smell good thing, and I could only find it online on their website, for $2.47, but WITH $6 SHIPPING (again, loathe Wal-Mart).  I refused.  I will buy myself a whole new Scentsy before giving them $6 in shipping.

Eventually Bentz and I wandered to Wal-Mart on our way home from something that passed us by Wal-Mart, obviously, and I was so happy to finally get my light bulb, many months later!

Then I got home.  Wrong light bulb.  UGH.  So it semi-works, it just doesn't completely melt the wax and fill the whole entire house with the pre-mature smells of fall.

One day I guess I will have to go back for the 25 watt bulb.  Probably before fall actually hits, or we dip below 100 at least.


The week we moved, Ben's brother moved, my brother moved, and Matt moved.  It was the hottest time of year to move too!  But it has been fun.  Joe's new house has a pool and luckily now the water is bathtub temperature so we could get Bentz to swim.

The guys are crazy and jump off the roof.


I have really been into the true crime author Caitlin Rother.  I recently discovered her and have read five of her books this summer alone!  I loved Ann Rule but sometimes she would get too detailed on the lives of the investigators/etc., but Caitlin covers a perfect amount of detail and history of the people involved.  My favorite is Dead Reckoning.

I also wanted to read at least one fictional book this year (I am almost a 100% non-fiction reader), and I decided on Michael Connelly, and I really liked it, 4.5 stars.  I am for sure going to read more of him.


Well we finally checked out of our apartment over the past weekend, that we had lived in for 4-1/2 months.  It would have cost us the same amount of money to break our lease as it would to just let it run out (which still isn't' until September) so we kind of let it sit.  Actually Ben checked us out, I never even went back to it, but another chapter closed, one that we're both really happy to put behind us.

We didn't realize how hard it would be to live in a one bedroom apartment, work from home, with a toddler, cooped up by the heat of summer, while being pregnant and sick and dealing with the stress of selling a home and buying one before the baby, but looking back it has been worth it to get to where we are now.

Now if it would cool down just a hair so we could enjoy the yard a bit more, that'd be awesome.  It is going to be a wonderful next few months and so on.

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  1. Your parents are so awesome!
    LOVE your bedroom!
    I love Bentley's little nakie bum! What a cutie!
    Oh and I also loathe Wal Mart!