House Update - Lots to do but it's FUN.

We have a huge project list that we've been tackling, which has been fun!!  We need to always have a project list because Ben loves them and he is always working on something, or wanting to be, so luckily our list has been long as we tweak the style of our home.

Some projects already attacked:

  • Remake medal hanger - We have a lot of medals and plan on only getting more, so Ben made a 7' hanger for my office wall.

  • First layer of paint on dining curtains - painted with Grizzle Gray, the color from our master.  If we can get it streak free, it'll be a success!

  • Seal house from scorpions - bug guys only found four possible minor entry locations, so we really should be golden.  Pray.
  • New baseboards - done prior to paint

Some of the remaining projects, to name a few:

  • DIY horizontal mirrors X 3
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  • Master bedroom barn door - from master to the master bath, it doesn't have any sort of door which is strange

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  • Paint kitchen cabinets - this could be hired out or a huge project for not right now, but we want to go white, with a dark island, and light granite w/mitered side panels
  • Paint railings - until we replace them with a more modern white style
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  • Nursery accent shiplap wall - green stain
  • B3's accent shiplap wall - blue stain
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  • Refinish our bedroom dressers - they are really old and have been through a lot, so it could be a fun experiment to try a color out on them.  I'm really into blues/purples lately.
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  • Do a family canvas painting - splatter?  finger?  We have big walls now, lots of room.
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  • Dye large curtains - which hasn't gone so well yet, not sure it will.  Once upon a time I dyed my wedding gloves and crinoline hot pink, but unlike the curtains, that material soaked up the dye.

  • Paint front of C's desk - the desk is now rotated so that the front part is the part that used to be flush to the wall, thus it only has KILLZ on it (bought from somebody who smoked so Ben KILLZed it like crazy, which worked!).  It needs a fresh black finish.
  • Refinish the hutch - inherited from my grandparents who have passed, and I go back and forth between wanting to leave it as is for that sake, or keep updating it with the times.  I think it'd be fun to refinish it and take it with us wherever we go!
  • Paint curtains - this is a thing, we found out, might as well try it before replacing them.
  • Paint curtain rods

Plus there are about 5 million other little projects that have happened, including trying to put rooms together (NURSERY!!!) and replacing some fixtures/etc.

Old versus new fans:

There was also a fan over the dining area (still taped up from painting), so we put a Sputnik chandelier there.  "Bright enough to do brain surgery under."

Some fun new artwork that will go up in the master today.  This one is Las Vegas, where we met:

Hopefully the house will come together the next few weeks and I can show a finished-ish look.  It has been a lot of fun though, I have never gone out and bought new furniture before, so yeah, SO MUCH FUN.  And Ben told me yesterday that his favorite part of the whole house thus far, is the master bedroom focal wall (where the art above is going).

These are all a bunch of random phone pics, but hopefully soon I'll post some finished ones.  Because I know you're all dying to see.

My poor family is dying for me to stop showing them.  :P

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