Now we wait.

6 days until it's baby day!  It is consuming my thoughts (and actions, really).

I had my last appointment yesterday and it's weird to be in kind of a limbo with wondering if we'll make it 6 more days or not.  Baby's heart rate was "very mature," and my contractions have picked up and are taking over my whole belly up by my ribs, and I can't help but reminisce back to these things happening three years ago and then B3 arriving before his C-Section date.

So here we wait, and I am taking it extremely easy and not picking up B3 anymore, which breaks my heart.  I can't help but snuggle him a little bit more.

And buy him Skittles at 10 in the morning.

And let him choose his lunch.

This weekend is an extended holiday one and my doctor isn't on call, so if he comes over the weekend then once again one of my doctor's partners will be doing my C-Section.  It's one of two reasons I want him to cook a little longer, the other being my mom won't be here until Sunday!!

But other than that, get him out!  I am ready.  I am much larger and more uncomfortable I can't help but think there's a 10 pound baby boy in there, tearing my abs apart with my every movement.

  • Work is sorted out, I'm basically done for now
  • Organists are covered for church
  • Hospital bag is packed
  • Bentley instructions are printed
  • Clothes are washed and hung up
  • We're all registered at the hospital
  • The nursery is put together (not decorated, but it'll have to do for now)

So now we just wait.
It's a weird limbo place to be, but super exciting at the same time!!


  1. Good luck!! B3 is definitely getting spoiled, but I think it's totally necessary!

    Can't wait to hear about your experience this second time around.

  2. Good luck!! I wish you a quick labor and delivery. I'll be curious to hear how this labor and delivery compares to yours know, for future reference for me :)