Postpartum Weight Loss: A Plan!!

It's kind of pregnancy week on my blog.  Unplanned, but considering that I am so extremely pregnant, it consumes my thoughts basically, oh, 24/7.  Every time I get a contraction, "ohhh is this going to be it??"  lol  

So I've got 13 days left and have been brainstorming the aftermath plans to help motivate me to succeed with my new postpartum bod.  Since I am so left brained and kind of a control freak, I always have to have a plan or two/three/four in place, I find it really helps.

There is a lot of pressure to get your body back after having a baby, wayyy too much pressure, and it is only growing every day thanks to social media (Instagram) or people like Dwight Schrute (to Pam):  Meh. You were at your most attractive when you were 24 with a slight, gradual decline and a steep drop-off when you got pregnant for the first time. Gradual recovery and, uh, well now, obviously, you're at an all-time low.  ;)  The pressure wasn't this bad three years ago when I had B3, I swear, so my goal is to put that pressure aside and just do me.

1-  Eat healthy
I don't track my calories or macros, it works for some, but I did try once and it was so much work and overwhelming.  The goal is to try to eat healthy, basically don't buy the junk food, just keep it a-w-a-y.  Think Paleo (plus a little cheese :D ) with the occasional indulging, probably on the weekends.  Life without sugar is a sad life indeed!  I've learned I can't live on Paleo long term though, it is a shorter term thing for me and I will eventually get back to some oatmeal for breakfast and some energy for running.  Sunbasket offers Paleo meals which has been so nice to have them just show up.

2-  Work out
The key is find something you ENJOY.  I cannot wait to get back to running!  I miss it so much.  I miss being outside when I run, and getting long doses of nature, music, and time alone to think.  I miss the goals.  I miss the pain.  I miss the early mornings (within reason lol) and hot air balloons overhead.  I even miss staying in my sweaty clothes way too long.  I plan to run the day I am cleared to, but only because I miss it SO, so that motivation will hopefully help.  Followed up with strength training in our garage set up, because I don't think I plan to return to the gym right away.  Kids yo.

3-  Be reasonable with a timeline
I will be cleared for fitness mid October which is just in time for the holidays!  :P  Although I plan to jump right into working out, I will let myself indulge in some fall treats for sure, and at 4 months PP (the new year) will be ready to dial in the diet a bit tighter as needed.

4-  The first six weeks don't count
I don't remember being hungry, eating, sleeping, etc., I just remember feeling overwhelmed like oh my freaking nelly.  I imagine the first six weeks are going to be a bit rough again, especially if baby boy has any colic (please no!), and I'm not going to add to it.  Doctors usually clear you for fitness after six weeks, I learned this is because you have a wound in your uterus where the placenta detached, and if you start too soon you risk hemorrhaging.  So even if you were to be the most fit person on planet earth, you still have a gaping to just wait.

5-  Be kind
I remember feeling chubby at two months post partum and feeling like I should be back in shape by then.  At the time it seemed reasonable, but...lolol.  And looking back at pictures I looked totally good!  This time around I'm going to try to be kind to myself and not compare to my pre-baby self, my first round of post partum, or anybody else.

6-  Choose the right clothing
This isn't really weight loss, but it goes along with it!  I don't think I could get my regular jeans up past my knees right now, and I don't really want to know the exact day that I can officially squeeze into them, or when my hips are about back to normal.  What I did the first time was create a "fourth trimester" set of clothing that included leggings, stretchy pants, skirts, and even maternity pants, and I wore them for a long time, even longer than I knew I had to.  Then one day I finally decided it was jeans time, and they fit, and I pretended they had probably fit for a long time.  ;)

7-  To weigh or not to weigh?
I'm not sure about this one.  I don't weigh myself, Ben does, but I don't.  I don't know what I weigh right now and I don't really want to know either.  lol  I just look up when I am weighed each doctor's appointment.  With my first baby I weighed myself afterwards because it was fun to see the weight fall off and because I have a smart scale that graphs everything for me and I'm a total data nerd.  I might weigh myself after the first six weeks, but I'm not sure?  I honestly don't even know what my pre-pregnancy weight was.  So maybe TBD on this one?

I just want to be reasonable because it took 40ish weeks to get there/here and will take some time to get back, despite being so eager to just get back to it.  Same goes with my fitness and running which I know will be so slow to begin with, but every little bit counts towards the bigger goal.


  1. Do you have a smart scale? Maybe weigh yourself, but don't look at it. Then after a month look at it and see the downward facing line graph :)

  2. I need to remember reasonable. I want to jump back into my workout routine right away, but I know I can't. We also don't own a scale because I think I'd be too focused on the number rather than how I feel. Hang in there! Only a few more weeks!!