Settling In!

I should have taken some more "before" pictures, but it's been a whirlwind of a process getting the house painted and ready for moving in!  Like I said, it was beautiful before, but we have modern tastes and the colors just didn't fit the bill.

The painting was to take 4-5 days which would give us an extra day to get it cleaned and then move in the following day, Saturday!

Part of my diagram for the painters.  :D

Day three was SO FUN walking in to see the primer and first coats of grays.  It took off a few years of age I think.  So bright, happy, light and fresh.

We went by after day four and the house was nowhere near finished.  I had to cancel the cleaning, but the painters reassured us that it'd still be done the next day, they do this all the time, no worries. 

Ben swung by after work on Friday and it was still not done and completely covered in plastic, and our moving truck was showing up 12 hours later!  Mucho stresso.

The painters showed up on moving day, but at 4 am (bless their hearts) to finish up the main painting so we could bring the furniture in that morning.  The house was such a mad house with half a dozen painters + half a dozen movers + furniture deliveries, but it was awesome to see it come together.

12 hours before the moving truck and our master looked like below...

I love the dark master.  It looks black in the picture but it's a dark gray.

Moving day, finding a place to nap.  :) 

Then we celebrated Ben's birthday.  Bentz and I had swung by DQ to get a cake while everyone was moving things, and I snuck it into the freezer.  Then Ben came in and Bentz runs to him and was like, "cake! cake!!!"  haha  :P

Cutting with a butter knife, the only knife I could find.

Other projects we've had going on, we thought we might as well try to dye the large curtains before we order new ones.  We used four bottles of Rit Dye and so far the curtains have just come out a slightly darker shade of won't-work, which I haven't taken a picture of yet.

And we found out why our grass is dying!  We have sooo many bunnies in and out of our view fence, and they are eating the grass!  Who knew?  If you look out back you see at least 2-3 at a time, chowing down on the lawn.  So sadly the landscapers put up some chicken wire and the bunnies are going to have to find lunch elsewhere.  Then in AZ you have summer grass and separate winter grass, so we'll seed for winter grass in a month or two.  I have learned so much about grass, it is amazing what there is to know.  I also learned we have citrus trees, so that's awesome.

We sadly had the landscapers dig out all the cactuses...cacti... because despite them being such fascinating plants, they don't work for the stage of life we're in (KIDS).

And a horrible story for the end of your reading pleasure. 

I was unpacking a big box of glassware that I had personally wrapped up in the apartment on Saturday (when I got those round ligature pains, etc.).  Well I was to the very bottom and I picked up a plate (plastic, thank goodness) and a scorpion flung off it and landed on the ground.  I about DIED.  I do not do scorpions, especially IN the house.  Being stung in my bed years ago was enough to traumatize me for the remaining duration of life.

I ground that creeper right up in the disposal and that was the end of unpacking for me.

Except now we have to figure out where it came from.  Turns out that box had been stored in outdoor-ish storage and the box was wide open, so we imagine it came from there. 

But the bug guys are coming back tomorrow to do the interior (the last owners didn't have pest control).  I am afraid that with moving in July that we have brought some of them with us from storage.  Shoot me now.  So we have 5 weeks to make sure they gonzo!

Meanwhile, here's a side by side.  I wish I had some afters, but I'll post some when we get our stuff put away and get our new light fixtures installed.  I love it!!

And I am excited about my new office.  In my nerdy-ness, I laid out all our furniture so we knew where it'd fit.

So fun.

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