Why do I even have a blog? (Part II)

I started blogging in 2008 when my best friend convinced me I should start documenting my dating life, etc., so I started one over at ChristyHales.blogspot.com.  I was a single, 23 year old senior in college, living it up a day at a time.

This is my first post from February 19th, 2008 (one year and one day before I met Ben, so I have all of our dating documented which is super fun):

Why do I even have a blog??

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"When are YOU going to create a blog??"
-Brooke :)

I most certainly didn't think that two days later I'd be writing that on my very own blog. I don't yet have my own adorable little family to talk about and post pictures of, most of my immediate family is nearby (aka downstairs or 5 minutes away if not a myspace page away [sad ha]), and I don't have my near future planned out enough to even keep you interested with "what Christy's planning to do with her life over the next short while." To be frankly honest... I HAVE NO IDEA!

Everyone's married, or so it seems. I'm not and I really don't think I'll be joining the ranks anytime soon. For awhile there I was like you and was preparing to get married too. That didn't happen but I learned a lot about myself and what I'm actually really looking for in a guy. Maybe I'm too picky on what I want. Maybe the gent out there really doesn't exist, but I tell you what, if he doesn't...then I'm not getting married. I really crave having children and my Patriarchal Blessing gives me plenty of hope so I'm really not all that concerned at this point. I'm only 23, and I'm enjoying being the career woman.

So here I am just months away from graduating with a BS in the engineering program up at WSU and debating on the next page of my life. Do I move away and get my masters in Architecture right away? Do I get myself a good career here in SL and start my own life?

Such are the questions of life,... as for now.

Soooo fast forward many years later and I'm still consistently blogging despite nearly alllll the people who used to blog along with me no longer doing it. Bloggers are kind of a dying breed with newer platforms like Instagram, but I still am truckin' along with my posts, and for the most part my blog traffic has stayed pretty consistent, ebbing/flowing with the seasons.

But WHY do I still even have a blog??

Here are a few reasons I can think of:

1- I am a journal-er.  Writing in a personal diary was something I always did as a kid and I have them scattered around in storage boxes who knows where, but they are so fun to whip out and read.  I love, love having memories to look back on and remember events that for sure I would not remember otherwise!  Like all the weekend things Ben and I did while dating long distance, and all the fun pictures we will get to share with our little family.  I print the blog at BLOG2PRINT.COM and Ben and I periodically whip it out and get lost in memories.  The only downside to this is the world wide web is very world wide, so I cannot post every detail I would like to about my family, but I have chosen to continue to post some things.

2- Motivation.  I read other runner's/mom/fitness/beauty/etc. blogs and I find them inspiring.  I also love to track my own fitness journeys as I document my way to a marathon, etc., and knowing my runs will be documented somehow motivates me to get up some mornings when I just feel like sleeping in.  Now that I'm pregnant I'll go back and reminisce when I was in shape and remember the feelings I had during training, and it motivates me for this fall more than ever.

3-  Meeting others.  I have met friends through blogging, some which I have been in contact for years and not yet met in person (hi Christine!) because of the distance, which has been such a fun part of blogging.  A lot of this has moved to Instagram/Facebook, but I do still make connections through here.

4- A hobby!  Blogging is the perfect hobby to have when you're already sitting at your desk but you need a break from working.  I am not a crafty person, I would prefer to use my creativity on the computer (Photoshop, HTML, etc.) and being able to make cute graphics for a post, or share some pictures I've taken, is a fun, fun hobby.

5- Keep the family in the loop.  I talk to them daily, but my blog posts have lots of pictures and sometimes go on and on and on and on and on and on.  :)  Which is one way to share life details from here in AZ.

Hmmm why else???  I'm sure there are other reasons, but I still love blogging and hope to keep it up!!


  1. I love that you blog and do so consistently! Instagram is great but I will always love blogs the most! So glad I found yours! I especially love your running posts...I'm not a runner but want to be and yours running dedication inspires me to keep trying!

  2. I"m with you! I print mine too and it's so fun!

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing the Blog2Print.com feature. That is brilliant and I'm going to do that for my whole blog. I was lamenting about quitting it because I didn't want all the race recaps gone "forever" but this is a perfect solution. Thanks Christy <3