A family of 4.

Despite my secret hopes for an earlier delivery, we made it to my c-section date and arrived at 7:30am to meet this baby!!  It was a crazy experience actually driving to the hospital knowing that things were about to change again bigtime, like they once did three years ago when becoming parents literally rocked our world!  So exciting, nerve racking, exciting, nerve rackkking.

This is most likely going to be ridiculously long, just an FYI you may need some caffeine.

Swollen, so so ready.  I'm not sure why this was so different than my first pregnancy other than pregnancies do their own thing.

The IV in the wrist is the part I dread the most. :P

I had consistent contractions about every three minutes or so, so I am betting baby was all ready to come out anyways.  We hung out in the recovery room for an hour+ (obviously not recovering yet) and I started to get a little nervous.

Walking into the OR (below).  They don't let your husband in the OR until after you get your spinal done because many of them pass out, but my doctor sat on the table next to me and held my hand which was really nice because my nerves got to me and it was freezing in there so I started shaking!  I did get a shot of pain down my left leg that made me jump and everyone was like, "a zinger, which side was it?" so apparently that's common.  Haha

Having it all planned out gave me too much time to think about the process.  I just wanted it over with asap and wanted my boy out safely!

Luckily I made a connection with the anesthesiologist and learned he went to BYU and his brother/sister-in-law are in my ward!  So that conversation detracted from feeling my body being rocked around.  The worst part is smelling you being cut.  TMI but I remembered the burning smell distinctively from three years ago.

I had severe itching/shakes last time I had a spinal so I talked to the anesthesiologist about it and he worked magic and I didn't get the itches this time (they lasted like 36 hours last time!!).  He thinks I have a sensitivity to morphine or something like that.  I got nauseated a few times but he always stuck a cotton ball of modern medicine goodness under my nose and I could breath the nausea away.

The next few pics are maybe TMI but I pulled them from the video Ben took and tried to keep them PG-13, or PG in today's day and age.  Maybe even G.  haha

After fifteen minutes, everyone in the room got excited because he was about to come out and Ben stood up to video it all.  I just waited, waited, waited (!!) for that cry and finally heard him scream and instantly fell in love and was relieved at the same time.  The most surreal moment in my entire life!!  His Apgar scores were both 9s and he was healthy and perfect.

He was still crying when they brought him to me, and he grabbed onto my thumb and I druggily talked to him which seemed to calm him down somewhat, which I thought was the best thing ever.  He recognized his mama!!!

He weighed 8 lbs 1 ounce!  But this is kind of weird.  The hospital got new fancy scales and they weighed him like four times and ultimately decided that he looked like 8lbs 1oz.  The scale readings were all different, one was 7-1/2ish lbs even.  The thing that bothers me about this is he nursed like a champ that day, but the next day at his weigh in he had lost almost a whole entire pound and I had to supplement since they can only lose up to 10%.  In reality I wonder if his starting weight was less, because a whole pound??  So who knows, really.

I started all fresh and made-up and slowly deteriorated through the week.  haha!  It happens.  That's why you should shower every day towards the end of pregnancy.  JIC  ;)

Can I take a minute and shout a hoorah for the hospital food?  I felt like I was on a cruise ship just ordering anything and everything.

Bentz wanted a baby hat too.  This picture below is out of order.  Thank you Blogger.

He passed his hearing test and looked so cute, milk stache and all.

So you're technically not supposed to have jerky while pregnant because it's dried and never cooked to a high enough temperature to kill the bacteria, so I packed this in my hospital bag.  I snacked on it at like 3am when I was trying to stay awake.  So gooood.

I was concerned about Bentz meeting Mister Dash because I don't ever want Bentz to feel like the attention has been stolen from him.  Well he was a total champ!!  We had a gift to Bentz from the baby and he loved that then tried to give it to the baby.  Bentz has always been a sensitive, sweet boy.  One time he asked for some crackers and I gave him some and he took it over and tried to give it to the baby.  It was just adorable.

The plan was to have Ben during the days and for him to go home at night, but the first night I called him after he left and asked him to come back for the night since I was still bedridden and I felt like I called the nurse every five minutes.

Buzz:  "Will you come put the baby in my arms?"
Buzz:  "Will you change the baby's diaper?"
Buzz:  "Will you come put the baby in his bed?"
Buzz:  "Will you clean off my tray table?"
Buzz:  "I need drugs."
Buzz:  "I need help nursing."
Buzz buzz buzz buzzzzzz.

But the hospital rooms are massive.  And you know, free food.  Or shall I say, "free" food.  I'm sure all those chocolate mousse cakes will show up somewhere in our bills.  This was my second time delivering at Scottsdale Shea and the nurses there are soooo great.  I have had such great experiences.

We went home a day earlier than we originally expected because we missed Bentz so much.  It was weird to have our family not together, although he was in heaven with grandma and came to visit each day.

The first little bit we were home was really hard for Ben and I in terms of watching Bentz react.  Bentz saw the baby in the swing and instantly teared up with huge tears just streaming down his face, and we realized that he just figured out what was going on.  He smiled, just had genuinely sad tears streaming down his face at the same time, it was the saddest moment we've had in a long time.  I didn't use the swing for a few days after that.

Such a great big brother.

First time alone with my boys.

Such a memorable time -- love my family!


  1. Congrats again on the arrival! Your hospital is so clutch!!

    It's interesting to see you go through this as I am still not sure what the birth plan is this time since I also had a C-section almost three years ago. I definitely remember a lot of the things you mentioned... nausea, shakes, etc.

    I didn't know jerky was off-limits. I'd better stop!

    1. Thanks Julie! This time around I was/am a lot more relaxed about everything, including birth plan (obviously). I'm betting the same will go for you, hopefully. I'm excited for you.

  2. Congrats!!! He's just precious! I lol-ed at your IV comment...that was by far the worst part for me lol

    1. Thanks! Haha yeah, I am not a fan of the IV!