Bennett Dash!!

He arrived and he's so cute!!

Bennett Dash, aka "Mister Dash," "B2," etc., arrived at 9:48am on Wednesday via c-section, weighing 8lbs 1 oz and 20"ish long!

At first we didn't think he looked like his brother at all, but as his swelling has gone down he does have some major resemblances, just a bit chubbier version (um like 2 lbs!!).  Either way, both our boys look just like their dad.  lol 

I can't get enough snuggles from him...he's so freaking adorable!

I hope to get his story up soon before I forget it, and we even had video in the OR (not that I'm going to post it haha, maybe just some pictures).

I love him!!


  1. Perfection! I can't believe he was over 8 lbs!

    1. Same here! I was sooo much more uncomfortable this time around. Totally made sense afterwards!