Wearing:  A Clytie Adams School of Ballet t-shirt and some shorts that are super loose on my waist.  And a super cute baby!

  I just had one of those little Costco salads.  They are so convenient.

Feeling:  Tired

Weather:  It's been so nice this past weekend!  Mid 80s, sunny, and perfect for park playing and walks.  It's 1pm and I just shut the windows.  Welcome fall!

Wanting:  Time to both stand still and fast forward.  I do NOT want my baby boys to grow up anymore than they already have, but at the same time I'm anxious to run again, and I'm anxious to not be so anxious when our baby is sleeping, which probably won't be for another six months.  Thank goodness for the Owlet monitor.

Needing:  Some sleep, caffeine, a run, my uterus to go all the way down.  Maybe what I really need is some patience.  :P

Thinking:  I'm a hot mess right now, but gosh I sure love the boys in my life.

Saving for:  Maybe a new SUV.  I've wanted a GMC Terrain for awhile, Ben has wanted an X5, but since having baby Dash I have been more paranoid since I have both boys riding on the sides of the backseat instead of the middle seat where I used to have Bentz, so I'm now thinking maybe a Tahoe or Yukon should be considered.  Something a bit bigger and safer.

Learning:  There's only so much prep you can do for a newborn, even the second time around.  Ben said if you want to prepare for a newborn, set an alarm to go off on every hour of the night, then get up when it goes off and stay up for at least 30 minutes.  haha  Nothing like waking up as soon as you hit your REM cycle...over and over and over.

Enjoying:  Newborn snuggles and cute B3 toddler-isms.

Reading:  The Pelican Brief, by John Grisham.  I haven't read since the arrival of Dash, but I am hoping to pick it back up soon.

Planning for:  Fall holidays!  Buying a 12' Christmas tree!

Watching:  I watched seasons and seasons of Property Brothers until I ran out of them this past weekend.  I tried Flip or Flop and ultimately ended up on Love It or List It.

Loving:  The tiny-ness of Dash!  So cute.  He still curls up in a ball and I think misses the womb.

Listening:  Nothing lately.  Probably because I've spent more time in front of the tube.

Anticipating:  Setting some fitness goals, seeing Dash's smiles.

Thankful for:  My family, my mom for coming down here for a whole month because she's the absolute BEST!! -- she leaves tomorrow :(  What will we do??


  1. So the Owlet is worth the hype? I'm considering it but also don't want false alarms. Were you able to use it right away??

    1. I think so, but I am pretty anxious about nighttime. I got a false alarm the second night home (which really sucked, won't lie, I didn't go back to sleep that night!) so I started putting the sock monitor on more securely and sometimes put a regular sock over it per a recommendation, and I haven't had any problems since. Bennett has pretty big feet though, so that's helped us be able to use it right away. But it's nice to wake up and see the green light from the dock and know everything is good.

    2. One more thing I forgot to add. If the monitor is falling off or it can't get a reading, it doesn't just alarm, it plays a nursery rhyme instead, so it's not a moment of panic.