Dash Update & 1st Photoshoot

Time is already going so fast and Dash is nine days old.  Sometimes I mourn the time before it even passes because I know I'll blink and he'll be three!

So far he has been a pretty dang good baby!  He would probably sleep all night long if I didn't wake him up to eat, which is a majorly foreign experience for us.  Where is my extreme sleep deprivation????  (Probably still to come when Ben goes back to work and my mom goes back home.  :P )  He eats like a pro, isn't too gassy, and doesn't cry much.  I sure hope this all sticks around because I am a new woman, thus a more patient one.

He had his first doctor's appointment and weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and is a healthy boy.  Nursing is going well for the most part, he eats like a champ and alllll the time, but I am at the point where it's freaking painful and I'm hoping soon it'll get better.

Recovery for me has been slower this time around and I think it's because I am doing a lot more.  I am still at the point where I can't wear anything because it's irritating on my stomach and incision, so I pretty much wear, oh, nothing much + a robe.  My swelling has disappeared and I will never take my skinny ankles for granted again, :) but I still have some pain in my fingers that I'm hoping will go away soon.  All in all, recovery hasn't been too bad.

Here are a few images from his first official photoshoot at two days old.  I feel like he looks a lot different already, since he is less swollen, but we adore the photos (which we weren't actually planning on being in, my hair was wet):