Happy 3rd Birthday!!

We had a little party for the Bentz's 3rd birthday last week!  He and Mister Dash are three years apart, minus a week, so it was kind of crazy to come home from the hospital and then have a party planned a couple of days later, so my sister in-law put it together which was a huge lifesaver, and let's face it, wayyyy cuter than I could do.  She's crafty and creative.  I'm not.

He's super into dinosaurs and Dinotrux, so the theme was dinosaurs!  It was super cute and he was so excited.  Definitely the first event where he understood presents and was excited for them.  It was also good timing to help him ease into being a brother:  throw him a party and put all the attention back on him.  :)  Gosh he's cute.

There were dinosaur scales on the hats which was cute, and the plates had cut outs that looked like they had been bit.

Take selfies with my phone, end up on my blog.

The morning of his birthday I let him choose anything he wanted for breakfast:  cookies, ice cream, etc.  He chose tomatoes.  lol  He loves tomatoes but I usually don't let him have them until lunch, so "matoes" it was.

His party was after his birthday, but on his actual birthday he got to open a couple presents from grandma.  She has been a lifesaver these days of adjusting to two kids, and Bentz is so happy she's here.

And happy birthday my little love, here's a doctor's appointment and shot.  :(

But you're a champ and didn't even cry.

Love you baby boy -- happy birthday!!


  1. Happy 3rd birthday! Zoe's favorite food is also tomatoes! And her 3rd birthday party was also dinosaur themed! They are so alike, wish we would live closer!

  2. So glad your SIL was able to help -- couldn't imagine pulling that off!!! Glad your little man had a great third birthday!