Week 1/27: Treadmill VS Outdoors

I know, 27 weeks is forever.  lol  I miss having running goals so I do want to document my comeback to my first marathon postpartum, Revel Mt. Charleston, which is already sold out, so good thing we bought in in May.  

I didn't run throughout my pregnancy for a few reasons, and I've heard that jumping back into it can be really slow because the hormones are still very present and things are still loose (pelvis/hips/etc.) which can increase the chance for injury.  Luckily I am not the one designing my comeback plan though!

The first time I ran this week, I did slowly on the treadmill and the only "weirdness" I felt was some slight tugging/pulling in my abdomen, and I felt heavier on my feet (duh I guess).

So, randomly, I decided to try a little experiment with my heart rate and the treadmill versus outdoor running.  The treadmill is so much harder for me and if I were to put it at the 1% incline like people say you should to emulate the outdoors, I would get nowhere!

Below you see my heart rates were essentially the same in my workouts (2:2 ratio of run/walk), but my pace was almost 2:00 PER mile faster outdoors, and that was in 100% sunshine and 90+ degrees!

I need to figure out how to run more efficiently on the treadmill, if that's a thing.  Much of my winter week days are going to be on it unless I get myself a double Bob.

So I did it, I weighed myself at six weeks because I was so curious.  Turns out I weighed myself one time last year during my heavy training, so if I were to use that as some sort of target weight, I need to lose about eight more pounds.  But some of that will stick around until I am done breastfeeding.  (I have a smart scale so I logged in and could see my past stats.)  However, I need to exchange some fat for muscle on top of that to get my body to look even remotely the same, which is my actual goal.

One week at a time!

Wandering Wednesday

+My dog is whining because he thinks he is locked in his room, which he's not, he's just blind and for some reason suddenly thinks he's blocked in there.

+I've been using unripe lemons from our tree because I have no patience.  I just pretend they are limes and they taste good enough in my salsa.

+Our summer grass is dead and our winter grass hasn't been seeded because our yard guy just disappeared after he turned off the water last month.  I'm anxious to get the green going in time for Thanksgiving.

+I have started watching Dancing With The Stars and it's amazing!  I can't decide who I want to win:  Lindsey Stirling, Drew Scott, Jordan Fisher, so forth...  I watch it all on Hulu.

+I wanted to run the Dumbo Dare 2018 but Disneyland cancelled all their races which is a massive bummer!

+Dash went 3.5 hours between feeds last night which was a record.  Besides the first week home, I've never had to set an alarm to feed him.

+My childhood best friend had her first baby yesterday!

+The lightbulbs in the front areas of my house I can control from my phone and individually make them fancy colors.  I literally change them multiple times a day and it brings me so much joy.  Right now they are set on a Christmas theme.

+I wish I didn't dread the sun going down, and I look forward to the day when I no longer see 6am as successfully making it through another night.

+I have been drinking Nuun everyday.  Nuun with caffeine.

+I have been anxiously thinking about chopping my hair way off and dyeing it purple since earlier this year, and now that the pregnancy hormones are declining I find that thought has not changed.

+We've been in our house for almost three months and I absolutely love it.  We refused to look at two stories for the longest time and ended up buying one and I am so happy because there's nothing like 18' ceilings to make your house feel more spacious than it really is.

+There are only two months left to celebrate Christmas and I am looking forward to Halloween being over so that I can take advantage.

+Today I get to go for my first postpartum run!  It'll be really short but I am excited about it still.

+I get anxiety when my phone rings during the day because it's usually for work and work calls are really hard to take with a toddler who thinks it's daddy and wants to talk to him, and a baby in my arms.  I prefer emailing 100% right now.

+I am looking forward to the cooler weather that is finally on the radar.  There was even a 78 on the forecast today and I just think about taking my family out and eating on a patio somewhere, and soon doing morning breakfasts after my Saturday long runs.

+Andy Weir just came out with a new book, ARTEMIS.  He wrote The Martian which we loved way back before it became a movie.

+I have never done a randoms post before, but I clearly have lots of random thoughts, especially while up in the night feeding our cute baby Dash.

The beginning of my postpartum running journey!

This past week I was cleared to start running again!!  Since I had a c-section I wasn't allowed to lift more than 15 pounds until this past week too, so that restriction has been lifted (pun).

My stomach is still squishy, I look a bit pregnant, I cannot do one sit-up even if I throw my arms forward to cheat (believe me, it's funny I can't even do ONE), but hoorah for the beginning of my comeback.  I am so happy.

So here's what I've done the past six weeks besides snuggle my babies and dream of caffeine (disclosure: not a lot):

Although I can run now, my coach/physical therapist recommended I do brisk walking 4x this week to ease my tendons into the motion, so I haven't actually started running yet.

I've also started doing some gentle exercises (hip extensions, air squats, etc.) to build some core strength back up!

It's too soon to talk fall races, but I plan to get to the start of the Mt. Charleston 26.2 in six months; that is really my ultimate goal, with maybe a 1/2 in the mix, or a holiday 5k.

I'm so happy to be back to setting goals! 

October Life Bullets

I'm alive, just a hair preoccupied, thus the blog has been hit with a longer than usual silence.  I'm even typing with one hand right now.  :)  But a few bullets from October so far...


I am not a huge Halloween person, which is kind of crazy considering how gung-ho I am about holidays, ESPECIALLY Christmas.  This year I figured I had every excuse in the book to fail at decorating for Halloween, then we went on a walk in our new neighborhood and discovered that we were the scrooge house.

Even Ben was like, "um, we need Halloween stuff."  Plus Bentz is really into scary things these days, so I bought some decorations, but unfortunately I don't want to blast my house on the www, so you get to see a small glimpse.

One month of mister Dash

Little mister Dash just hit one month!  Sometimes I find myself yearning to rewind time a month and do it all over and have my mom here again, but at the same time we are just starting to get into more of a routine which means closer to sleeping.  He has been a joy to have around and is so stinking cute!!

I went to use my camera and it was dead, so phone it was this time.

+He weighs 9 pounds, 8 ounces, which surprised me being only 23% because I thought it'd be like 60%.  lol  Up 1 pound, 7 ounces from birth.  He gained 5 ounces overnight two weeks ago, but has since slowed down a little bit on the grubbing.

I put him in the same onesie that Bentz wore for his first month picture.  Bentz weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces at one month.