October Life Bullets

I'm alive, just a hair preoccupied, thus the blog has been hit with a longer than usual silence.  I'm even typing with one hand right now.  :)  But a few bullets from October so far...


I am not a huge Halloween person, which is kind of crazy considering how gung-ho I am about holidays, ESPECIALLY Christmas.  This year I figured I had every excuse in the book to fail at decorating for Halloween, then we went on a walk in our new neighborhood and discovered that we were the scrooge house.

Even Ben was like, "um, we need Halloween stuff."  Plus Bentz is really into scary things these days, so I bought some decorations, but unfortunately I don't want to blast my house on the www, so you get to see a small glimpse.


Last weekend my sister came into town to visit and meet the littlest member of the family.  Bentz was in heaven and would ask me if he could wake her up really early so she could play "chase."  He asked if she was coming back "soon" for a few days afterwards.  I am excited for her to have her own kids one day because she'll be a great mom.  Dash has already chunked up since she left.


This past weekend also happened to be my brother's 30th birthday!!  I used to make rainbow cakes/cupcakes, and he mentioned he wanted some of his own one day, so this time around I made rainbow cupcakes for him!  The rainbow thing has nothing to do with, like, being gay, might I add.  LOL  They are just fancy fun.  I made them a little manlier by omitting pink, obviously, but they were pretty tasty and it was fun to celebrate him hitting the 30s.  I love having him live nearby and he can NEVER leave.


Here's potty training talk since I vowed I would never take it to Facebook when the day arrived in my life.  :P  Well I have put off potty training for awhile because I would rather do diapers than messes, but Bentz is showing interest and he just turned three so it's time to think about it.  Ben ordered him a potty of his own and he has been so excited about it and takes his toys potty all the time.  Once I even caught him standing there with his pull-up on the floor.  My goal is this fall/winter but since I am still a bit sleep deprived I have decided to wait a little longer to take on the challenge, but I'm hoping his age and interest will help the process not be as disastrous as I fear and often hear about.  So TBD...


Mister Dash had his first bath!  We couldn't bath him for what seemed like forever because as soon as his umbilical cord fell off, he was circumcised, and then we had to wait again for his follow-up appointment for that.  But alas, he loved his first bath (first aka after the hospital bath obv), and the looks he gave us were so funny:  wide eyes, furrowed brow.

Bentz also has taken to the bath again thanks to bath toys and these little bath bombs for kids that fizz and color the water.  He loves to add a blue and red one so the water is dark purple.  "Poopull"


Dash just started smiling at us at will which has been so fun.  He smiled a bunch at my sister too, which I know she loved.


The other week Bentz went into the bathroom to get a bandaid and he came out with make up on.  The next day I watched him get into my make up drawer, select a palette with a brush, apply liberally to his eyes-ish, close the palette, and put it away.  Kids are crazy.  They watch your ever move!  Sometimes it makes me feel dumb because I tell him something ONCE (like the name of a dinosaur...Dimetrodon) and he remembers forever, but somebody tells me something like five times and I still forget it completely.  I love watching him learn.


I ordered Halloween candy way too early this year, and I told Bentz that it was just too hard for me to open up the box and that we'd have to have dad do it later (hoping he'd forget bahaha).  So he goes and gets a fork, and ten minutes later had that thing opened.


And I wanted to shout out to my mom who has been in St. George for the Huntsman Games (I think?).  She's like a pro in pickleball and plays in so many tournaments, and she's going to need a medal rack for her bling.

That's all for now.  Have a happy Friday (night)!


  1. 1. That tiny toilet is the cutest thing ever!
    2. remind me why you wait to get your boys circumcised again. I remember you saying a really good reason that I wanted to remember if I had another boy but of course, I've forgotten!
    3. We went down to St. George to watch my Dad compete in the senior games too! They had so many sports and SO MANY competitors! Great job to your mom!!

    1. So I wouldn't recommend waiting, really! You get them circumcised the first two weeks because after that their pain and alert levels (and recovery time) go up. With Bentz we had a horrible pediatrician experience who kept putting it off because Bentz was so little, then we ran out of that two week window and had to go to Primary Children's to have a specialist do it, who used general anesthetic to make it totally painless at his older age. With Dash, our pediatrician didn't make rounds at my hospital, so we just took him in after we got out of the hospital but were still within the two week window. Both procedures they slept through, but since Bentz was a month old his recovery took days and required Tylenol, where Dash healed literally over night.

      So that's my really long explanation! :P