One month of mister Dash

Little mister Dash just hit one month!  Sometimes I find myself yearning to rewind time a month and do it all over and have my mom here again, but at the same time we are just starting to get into more of a routine which means closer to sleeping.  He has been a joy to have around and is so stinking cute!!

I went to use my camera and it was dead, so phone it was this time.

+He weighs 9 pounds, 8 ounces, which surprised me being only 23% because I thought it'd be like 60%.  lol  Up 1 pound, 7 ounces from birth.  He gained 5 ounces overnight two weeks ago, but has since slowed down a little bit on the grubbing.

I put him in the same onesie that Bentz wore for his first month picture.  Bentz weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces at one month.

+Doesn't really resemble his brother!  Dash and B3 look like their dad, but Dash has more of my eyes thus far.  Hoorah for squeezing a little bit of Hales genes in there this time, although the Buhr genes are pretty handsome.

This is one picture that I think they have some resemblances... (Bentz on the left, Dash right):

+He still wears newborn stuff but soon we're going to have to bust out the 0-3 monthers and maybe even try bigger diapers because he has a big ole belly after he eats.

+Both he and Bentz love when I play the piano!  I'll admit, the Christmas music has already made its debut, and Bentz plays by me and Dash hangs out and falls asleep.

Let's be honest.  Maybe my music bores him to sleep.

+He doesn't like to be swaddled and sometimes fights it so hard in the middle of the night, but if I un-swaddle him, his arms wake him up like every 30 seconds.

+He has given us plenty of half asleep smiles and has two dimples!  He is trying really hard to smile while awake and you can see hints of it in his expression.

+He nurses like a champ and so far I'm proud that we're still going at it!  I don't have a serious goal this time around, I'm just going to take it as it comes.  I came down with a head cold (after going to the Pediatrician's office, go figure) but so far nobody else has gotten it, and I credit breastfeeding with Dash staying healthy!

+He has gotten a lot more gassy which has kept him from sleeping very well at night.  We'll usually get a couple of hours where he's zonked completely out right at the beginning of the night, 11-1ish, then after that he is pretty uncomfortable and waking throughout the night.  I usually feed him 2-3 times and shoot for an hour of sleep in between.  (I also sleep from 8-11pm and Ben stays up on baby duty, so that addition of sleep is what keeps me going!)

+He doesn't mind getting his diaper changed and loves to kick his legs and look all around.

+Rolled over at 19 days which I can't remember what is normal, but it seems like that might be early.  From belly to back even.  He doesn't hate his tummy time either.

As for me and postpartum, I'm doing pretty well I think.  I have been more relaxed about things this time around, but other things have been tougher.  For instance, with Bentz I refused formula and the day I had to give him a couple of ounces, it felt like I had FAILED.  This time I decided that was stupid and Dash gets a bottle of formula every night while I am napping.  If I am too sore to cluster feed, I'll sneak in a bottle of formula, and honestly it's made breastfeeding soooooooo much better and allows Bentz to feed him, which he loves!  He's about 80% breastfeed which is great, and I haven't been connected to my pump which is also great.  Sanity restored.  Sort of.

I'm still in that phase (HAZE) where changing my headband is "getting ready."

The things that seem to be harder is just taking care of Bentz and a baby with little sleep thus little patience, and still not being able to lift Bentz.  Sometimes I feel like the world's worst mom when I lose my cool over something, or I just am so drained that I feel like I have lost my personality and everything irritates me despite this time supposing to be so happy.  Crashing hormones and lack of sleep do amazing things to your [unrecognizable] body and mind. 

In a week and a half when I am cleared to lift more than 15# and can start running, first thing I'm going to do is PICK UP my Bentz and give him a big hug without sitting down.

Bentz has adjusted mostly pretty well, although he's always been really good at playing independently.  We've had some rough moments and really hard, hard days, but we're working on it a day at a time; we've also had good days too!  He loves to help his baby brother.  In fact, I have to always make sure Dash is buckled down wherever I set him (even if but for a second) because Bentz tries to pick him up by himself and doesn't quite understand that he can't.

He always wants to help feed him.  lol


I realize this was like a giant photo dump, but I tried to whittle it down.  We love our boys, I think it is obvious!


  1. Dash is SO cute!!! And Bentley looks so much like Ben, it's adorable!

  2. Awww, Dash is so so adorable, and I love seeing the brothers together!

  3. Awwwww what great boys!! What a smart idea to use formula in between! Didn't even think of that! I pumped for times I wasn't home, but hated it.

  4. I think Dash looks a lot like you and Bentz looks like his daddy. I think that is cool that you have one of each.