The beginning of my postpartum running journey!

This past week I was cleared to start running again!!  Since I had a c-section I wasn't allowed to lift more than 15 pounds until this past week too, so that restriction has been lifted (pun).

My stomach is still squishy, I look a bit pregnant, I cannot do one sit-up even if I throw my arms forward to cheat (believe me, it's funny I can't even do ONE), but hoorah for the beginning of my comeback.  I am so happy.

So here's what I've done the past six weeks besides snuggle my babies and dream of caffeine (disclosure: not a lot):

Although I can run now, my coach/physical therapist recommended I do brisk walking 4x this week to ease my tendons into the motion, so I haven't actually started running yet.

I've also started doing some gentle exercises (hip extensions, air squats, etc.) to build some core strength back up!

It's too soon to talk fall races, but I plan to get to the start of the Mt. Charleston 26.2 in six months; that is really my ultimate goal, with maybe a 1/2 in the mix, or a holiday 5k.

I'm so happy to be back to setting goals! 


  1. That's a good goal! I think once you get to a point, your muscle memory will take over.

  2. I'm impressed you've started doing anything- including walking!! C section recovery is no joke!

  3. Yeah! Can't wait to follow your comeback!