Week 1/27: Treadmill VS Outdoors

I know, 27 weeks is forever.  lol  I miss having running goals so I do want to document my comeback to my first marathon postpartum, Revel Mt. Charleston, which is already sold out, so good thing we bought in in May.  

I didn't run throughout my pregnancy for a few reasons, and I've heard that jumping back into it can be really slow because the hormones are still very present and things are still loose (pelvis/hips/etc.) which can increase the chance for injury.  Luckily I am not the one designing my comeback plan though!

The first time I ran this week, I did slowly on the treadmill and the only "weirdness" I felt was some slight tugging/pulling in my abdomen, and I felt heavier on my feet (duh I guess).

So, randomly, I decided to try a little experiment with my heart rate and the treadmill versus outdoor running.  The treadmill is so much harder for me and if I were to put it at the 1% incline like people say you should to emulate the outdoors, I would get nowhere!

Below you see my heart rates were essentially the same in my workouts (2:2 ratio of run/walk), but my pace was almost 2:00 PER mile faster outdoors, and that was in 100% sunshine and 90+ degrees!

I need to figure out how to run more efficiently on the treadmill, if that's a thing.  Much of my winter week days are going to be on it unless I get myself a double Bob.

So I did it, I weighed myself at six weeks because I was so curious.  Turns out I weighed myself one time last year during my heavy training, so if I were to use that as some sort of target weight, I need to lose about eight more pounds.  But some of that will stick around until I am done breastfeeding.  (I have a smart scale so I logged in and could see my past stats.)  However, I need to exchange some fat for muscle on top of that to get my body to look even remotely the same, which is my actual goal.

One week at a time!

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  1. I also remember that outdoor running was faster than treadmill, though now this time I actually have a treadmill and will probably be using it quite a bit.

    I stupidly weighed myself quite a bit postpartum, but all it did was discourage me. Weight came off pretty quickly, but like you, I had about the same amount that stuck around until I got close to weaning. But I think you have the right approach -- focus on building up muscle... it will help with weight loss when it needs to happen and help with getting back into everything. You're going to rock these 27 weeks!