7 Years

We hit our seven year wedding anniversary this past weekend and Ben put together a little half-day getaway, sans babies.  We are less than 90 minutes from Sedona but have never been for some crazy reason, so we went up there to go on a Pink Jeep Tour in the red rocks and to eat.  The whole time I was like, "why on earth don't we come up here more often than never??!"

We left at 8 am and my brother and Emily were nice enough to take on a toddler and an infant for a bit.  I'm not sure they knew what they were in for, but they were very nice to be willing.  They have watched B3 numerous times, but leaving a two month old is extremely stressful, so they sent lots of pictures/videos, and it was nice to not worry.

My first thought pulling into town was, "I want to run here."  It is hilly!  Could be good for some Revel training.  Sedona is a good 3000 feet higher than our area of Phoenix, thus it's also cooler, but since we've been stuck in this never ending heat wave, it was perfect up there!

The tour started at 10 and we had the coolest guide/driver named Larry who had all sorts of fun photo ideas up his sleeve, as you will soon see.

This (below) was more or less my face for most of the time.  At some points I was like, "are my insides healed enough for this?"  lol!  My incision was far below the seat belt thank the heavens above.

This rock looks like Yogi Bear.  Do you see him leaning up on the wall??

"Look, no hands!"  "Aaaah."

Submarine rock (below), for obvious reasons.  That's where we took the jumping picture up top.

Just going down this, nbd.

It was a lot of fun!!  Now Ben really wants a Jeep.

Afterwards we went to eat at Creekside American Bistro, which my Poke Bowl was freaking delicious and I'd recommend.

And back to our sweet babies.

Happy anniversary baby!  I love you!!

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  1. Happy anniversary! Beautiful pictures, and seriously good hops!