The hair has got to go.

I need to cut my hair.  It's long, super fine, and most of all it's in the way.  Little Dash grabs it if it's down, and its fine strands just tear.  I have been planning to cut it soon and have been gathering pictures of what I want for awhile, I just need to find the right stylist because the perks of long hair have been that my styling has come from one stylin' Ben salon

Where I'm going with this:

1-Short a-line bob - shorter than a ponytail cuz it'll grow fast.  My favorite haircut I've ever had was done by a stylist who disappeared the next time I called for a trim and they wouldn't give me his last name.  I was sad!

I've also had it cut like this which I liked:

2-Purple - a dark, dark purple with some light purple underneath highlights.  In the top picture above you can see I have subtle turquoise underneath highlights.

3-Faster to blow dry - only so many days you can put it off and load up on the dry shampoo, especially when I sweat a lot while running.

4-I never had postpartum hair loss with Bentz, but I might not get so lucky this time around, so why not be proactive?

5-I always thought cutting it was a mom thing, but let's face it, even if that's true, it's officially time to embrace the mom-do.

And 6-I think Ben likes it short because he often talks about it when it was short, or points it out in pictures from the past.

It looks better with my face shape too.  I just hope I can find the right stylist nearby!  


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  1. You're lucky that your face looks great with short or long hair!! Can't go wrong! I need to do something with my hair for sure. Need to get schedule something pretty soon!