Week 2/27: Back to my stomping grounds.

Oh heyyy.  I am struggling over here with getting everything to fit into my 24 hours, that my blog is still taking a hit, which I loathe because I love this little journal-y space and I've always tried to post at least twice a week.  Mostly work picked up in an urgent way which isn't the most ideal of times to do so, but it's nice to have some work at least.  If I spend five minutes a day on my blog, I can get a post up in a week's time.  lol 

So last week I only got a couple of runs in being that there was Halloween, and my running schedule hadn't been officially set until this week.  I reintroduced myself to my favorite loopy running route and it sure felt good.  I am looking forward to some early morning Saturday long runnin' around here! 

My runfie game has gotten weak because I felt kind of stupid taking these.  Out of practice.

I had high plans to get up early (or stay up HA) on Saturday and go out and enjoy the fresh morning air and hot air balloons and get a run in, but the most miraculous thing happened.  I was nodding off during a 5:30am feeding and it was still dark out, so in desperation I put Dash back in his bed despite being wide awake, and he fell asleep!  Then Bentz slept in too, and the whole dang family was asleep until 7:30 or 8 (I can't remember).  I couldn't get up and desert that kind of heaven in my house, so I went out later in the day instead.

Life is really busy right now but I am making my runs a priority because the short time alone is my holy time to rejuvenate, and the goals I set keep me going.

Meanwhile I need to get up my posts on Halloween and the fact that Dash just hit two months!  Home boy gained 3 pounds, 9 ounces, in just one month.  Tubs.  Now that he's gotten some vaccinations under his belt, it's time to venture out and really get back to a normal life.  All in time for some perfect weather.

Have a fabulous day!

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