Week 3: I'm slightly sucking.

Sooo I'm not really rocking my running comeback.  I missed a run this week because I had to spend some extra time on my work, but luckily the project I turn in tomorrow.

I have been pretty good at my cross training, however, because the thing I am still feeling the most while running is my abs (or something in there I hope is just my abs haha).

I did get a longer morning run in this week with my favorite hot air balloons overhead!!  I was surprised how hard running felt because it was freaking TOUGH.  But enjoyably so.

Stretching with the little guy.

This is the first time I have ever allowed B3 to be around the treadmill while I'm running on it, which is fun.  It would be more fun had I gotten his cute face to be clear.

And my other view from the treadmill.

We're going to set some goals this week with our coach, so TBD what's on the radar, but definitely less slacking.  ;)

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