Weeks 4 & 5: Turkey Trot & Chicago

Another week, actually twooo.  Running is going pretty well and both Ben and I are finding time to both train and life, although most days I'm considering a caffeine drip and sometimes my attitude could use a bit of an adjustment, but a day at a time things are getting closer to normal.

We had a conference call with our coach and set some goals for the next few months: 
1-Build my base the next couple of months
2-Turkey Trot 5k (NOV)
3-Run Rudolph 4-miler (DEC)
4-Rock 'n' Roll 5 or 10k (JAN)
5-Phoenix 1/2 (FEB)
6-Revel Mt. Charleston 26.2 (APR)
7-Keep up on my cross training to make it to Revel 26.2 injury free
8-BQ training thereafter for a spring 2019 goal marathon (Phoenix?  Mt. Charleston?)

Last weekend I was really looking forward to my morning long run with the hot air balloons and nice weather, but it was super windy so it ended up being a tough run and without hot air balloons.  lol  Still was nice to get back to my Saturday morning running.

And I have to share my fun glitter slippers because they are amazing (and my cute running socks that have so many holes but I can't get rid of).

This week we had a Turkey Trot 5k and it was almost 90 on Thanksgiving so it was a warm race (oh, and a hair hilly lol sorry James).   James did the 10k, and I run/walked the 5k with a friend who just started running 2+ months ago.  It was fun to see her kill it and to run a pace that allowed us to soak it all up.

Like right below the cactus and to the right you see James with his bright green headband... 

This weekend I tested out my new hydration vest I acquired while prego.  It's the Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin 12 with two flasks and a bladder in the back.  I have been eyeballing it for awhile after research and recommendation, and figured it might be great for BQ training next year since I drink so much water!  I hardly knew it was there aside from the weight of the water (which felt like I had two large boobs).  :D  Not a chance of chafing thus far, but I only had it on for <5 miles.

But FUN NEWS, Ben and I put in for Chicago!!  It's kind of tricky because we both need to get in, obviously, and I think the chance is about 50%.  You can defer one year and if I got in and Ben didn't, I could defer a year and Ben could just qualify for a guaranteed entry by running a 3:25 at Mt. Charleston.  So we'll find out in a coupla weeks if 2018 will be our year to knock off this bucket list race.

Have a good rest of the holiday weekend!


  1. You are amazing! You should do a "how to find time to train" post! Will need to reference! =D

    1. Thanks but really I'm just a mess. lol Barely managing, but hopefully it'll get easier soon!