3 Month Postpartum Follow-up

Three months ago I wrote a Postpartum Weight Loss Plan for this fall and I thought I would see how I am doing with it all.  Postpartum is such an up/down roller-coaster for me and I've seen lots of progress, but I still have a ways to go.

+My running has been slow coming but I do think I'm starting to see a little increase in fitness.  Every time I run I feel it in my abs, which is so weird to me, once even my abs got really tired by the end!  I have started to do some more movements in my cross training (kettle bell swings, deadlifts, weighted squats) and I am so sore every time, but it's progress.  Also when I workout I still have discomfort in my low low abs from the c section, but it's also getting better as they get stronger.  Overall, my body is bouncing back quite a bit slower.

+If running/working out didn't give me such a release and minute to breath, I would just...not right now, because sometimes it's really hard to fit in.  Ben and I alternate running days, and he's mostly back to A.M. running which is nice, otherwise he'll take Bentz out in the stroller so he can spend some time with him still each day.  There is only so much time in the evenings!

An evening goes like, starting at 4pm:
+Feed the baby

+Quick house pick up

+Prep dinner (chicken and veggies, although we've been buying a random veggie each week to keep it interesting -- see below --, and I love to use different fun flavors and spices)

+Feed the baby

+Ben gets home and takes over the boys

+Preheat the oven and jump on the treadmill.  I can watch the boys all sitting and playing Legos from the treadmill which I love, love, btw.

+Ben throws the food in the oven, timing it just right with the end of my run.

+Stretch while Ben dishes dinner



+Feed the baby


+Lately I try for an 8pm bedtime, although it usually ends up being closer to 9, but I'm getting more and more on a schedule with Dash and I think as a mom you just adjust to less sleep.  Ben takes over baby duty for a couple of hours, finally giving Dash a bottle and joining bedtime around 10:30-11pm.  Lately Dash sleeps until somewhere between 1-3am, so I get a nice stretch of sleep from the get-go.  It's the best!  Usually after 3:30-4am, sleeping has been pretty slim, but we've been giving Dash a probiotic for a couple of weeks and I think that is actually helping his tummy because sleep seems to be improving, and we got a 6.5 hour stretch earlier this week.  Yay!

+As for my weight and such, it has been much more slow this time around.  Like, annoyingly slower.  Not that I'm doing anything different, but I think it's probably because I was heavier, had a larger belly/baby, and I am a little bit older too?  My abs just below my chest still protrude a little bit and they never did with Bentz, and my doctor said I could have a little bit of diastasis recti up high but it will correct after consistent working out.  I haven't weighed myself lately, but I don't think it's the # that would make me feel better anyways.  I need to get my body back.  However, I have not been dieting and don't plan to until the holidays are over because that's lame.  haha  I am not too alarmed at this point being only three months out and seeing progress week by week.  I did wear jeans for the first time on Thanksgiving, so that's a start.  I also had three pieces of pie.  :P 

+Breastfeeding has been going pretty well which thrills me.  We are going strong despite no serious goals other than to keep going as long as I can.  Sometimes I think things work out better when you don't have the pressure of a goal.  I have been more relaxed about it and I have NOT once pulled out the electric pump, but I bought a little hand pump that works amazingly well for when I need a quick pump.

As for the random veggies:  Ever heard of a Chayote squash?  Turned out to be yummy and squash tasting, shockingly.

We also bought a turnip which I don't think I ever have, but it was a little bitter.  Perhaps I need to brush up on my pick-turnip skills for next time.

We also did eggplant which we've only had once with Blue Apron.  I accidentally turned on the convection oven so that ended up being one fried eggplant.  Try again.

I'm obsessed with citrus, and I am obsessed with putting these on everything:
Fun times.

Anyways, considering this is my second time postpartum, I am a little more comfortable with giving my body some time to recover because what seemed impossible the first time around, wasn't!  Once again I will make it, it may just take an extra month or two.  :)  I think the most important postpartum advice would be to be patient.

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