Decking the Halls

We saw Santa this weekend and I was sure Bentz was going to have at least one more year of fearing him, but he wasn't afraid, he went right up to him and asked for a "scrapadactyl" in his cute little voice.  (Aka a pterodactyl but learned from the TV show DinoTrux, so we call them scrapadactyls around here.)  And hoorah for a legit good looking Santa.

We live next to a mall that does fun car shows and events so we wandered down there and walked around, saw Santa, ate Chipotle, and had hot chocolate because it was freezing!  We have been at least 10 degrees above our average temperature for at least a month, but this evening we dipped into the 50s which is winter around here and made it really feel like Christmas.

We set up the tree before Thanksgiving but we didn't officially deck the halls until December (not by choice, just by the time we had to do it.  I would've had it up Nov. 1).

Bentz is so so excited about all the festivities this year so it has made it soooo fun.  Tonight we drove around the neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights on the houses and it was fun.  Our neighborhood does an official house decorating competition, and when I brought that up with Ben he was like oh *$#@ no. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   

There's always next year...?  Ben...??

Thank you Google for the fancy pictures.

Mister Dash enjoys the view.  Sometimes I'll lay him down and turn the tree on to the mode where it flicks back and forth in different colors and it'll entertain him for a short while.

One of the rare moments this little baby lets me put him down.  :)  But that's okay because he's so CUTE.  In fact it's the reason I'm struggling with getting posts up on the ole blog, but gawsh, so cute!!

Short intermission to put together an dinosaur Lego...T Rex.  Bentz actually knows how to look at the manual for instructions on Lego pieces.  It kind of amazes me.  These guys do Legos everyday!  I have no patience for them myself, but I enjoy watching them have fun.

T Rex eating dad.

Me doing hard work.  ;)

It was quite dark at this point so pictures get fuzzy, but a little glimpse of our front tree ornaments.  So far they have withstood our windy weather we've had.  And a glimpse of us playing at the park while dad does the work.

Next we did stockings and such.  The term "we" is used very loosely here.

I told him to stand underneath his stocking, so he literally did that.  lol

Fa la la la laaa.

Christmas is THE BEST.  I love it!

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