Week 6 & 7 - Chicago We're IN!

Both Ben and I got into Chicago!!  Hoorah!!  I was anxiously awaiting the news all day and saw a lot of Marathon Manaics getting in hours before we had heard, but eventually we both go our emails yesterday.  So we have Revel Mt. Charleston and Chicago marathons to look forward to for 2018!

So I swear the weeks are just flying by!  I have been planning weekly recap posts but it hasn't happened yet (to your dismay ;).  Maybe as I get closer to the marathon and training is a little more exciting and the mileage is longer, I'll be more consistent.  We're still 4-1/2 months out.

Speaking of mileage, it's really unfortunate that my mileage is not up yet and I will tell you the devastating reason why.  My family is all in a steps challenge for December (ending on Christmas).  It's tough to win when you take all your steps at home.  :P  At least I have some miles to help, but when my family is full of runners (and a pickleball player) then those few miles don't help a whole lot.  #itskillingme  #poorloser

SO!  Week six I ran 11.55 miles and week seven was a step back and I ran 7.6 miles (I am running for time right now, not distance).  It's hard to not look at my weekly or monthly mileage and compare it to where I want to be or have been, but it'll get there, I just have to be patient.  :)

After my Saturday morning run, we have started back up the breakfast tradition which is fun!!

Followed by our grocery shopping.

A few more weeks of base building, then it'll be time to increase my long run a little bit.  And this weekend is the Run Run Rudolph, and next weekend I run 4x.  Yay!

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