A B3 Dream Come True -- Christmas Day!

For Christmas we got this family portrait from my brother in-law and sister to replace our old one that didn't include our latest addition!

Christmas this year we hosted and it was a lot of fun and snow-less.  :)  We had my dad and Laura come down early, then did a little parental switch-aroo on Christmas Eve.  Best of both worlds and pretty amazing that we worked it all out to have everyone in Phoenix, coming from three states.

Christmas morning B3 was SO excited and dying to go out and see if Santa came, but we had to wait for everyone else to be up so he had to be patient.  :)

B3 had been eyeballing a certain present that was under the tree for weeks, so he dug it out.  He would often shake it and say, "LEGOS," so he was excited to finally get to open it.

Um totally right.

We always drink Monster around Christmas, except when I'm prego, or nursing, so basically the past two Christmases I have found substitutes.

The stocking stuffers were a lot of hygiene type things:  kids toothpaste (which he LOVES and now loves to brush his teeth), kids flossers, foaming shampoo/body wash, bathtub paint, etc.



This Christmas was basically all about this guy considering it was his first year really getting excited about it, and being one of two grandkids, the other being three months.  He was in pure HEAVEN.

Had to put mister Dash in the vintage elf costume worn by my brothers and his brother too.

B3 got these huge dinosaur slippers which transform him when he puts them on.  He starts kicking everrrrything and rawwwring.

Every time we went to Costco he wanted these Caterpillar toys that you assemble with a screwdriver and such.  Well we never bought them because he was always with us and he is wayyyy past the age of forgetting if we put them in the cart, so we concocted a plan to buy them at our next visit only to have them be sold out!  Luckily Ben found them online.  Dad for the win!

My brothers played teeball when they were young and I think it'd be a fun sport to start with, maybe this fall, so what better time to start than now.

Some of our snowflakes we made on Christmas Eve, to come in another post...

The teething glove that makes him look like MJ.  :)

Last but not least, my Christmas running attire.

I love Christmas.  Thanks everyone for coming here this year!

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