A Phoenix Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve.  I think it's quite possibly the very best day of the whole entire year!  So much anticipation, time with the family, and junk food heaven.

It was on a Sunday this year and church was just one hour and everyone was in extra cheerful moods.

This guy had three blowouts in that one hour thus he ended up in sweats.  So hoorah for packing enough extra clothes.  :)

We had baby Dash's blessing at our house with all of my family there too, so that was awesome.  Pictures in another post.

We took Bentz on a drive, the only way to get him a much needed nap, and picked up our Christmas pies while we were at it.

Rode around on his fun motorcycle.

Dressed like Santa Rudolph.  :)

We all made personal pizzas.

Matt taught us to make paper snowflakes.

Which we hung from the window!

We hung out as a fam.

Then we opened up Christmas jammies!  Which we forgot to take pictures of, somehow.

And last we set out milk and a cookie for Santa to eat!

(Which he did!)

And then I snuck out and made sure things were situated.  ;)

First Christmas in our new home and I think it was memorable!

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