Christmas Eve Eve - PANGAEA Land of the Dinosaurs

We went do Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs when my dad was here for Christmas.  Bentz is OBSESSED with dinosaurs and has like 50 little figurines, dinosaur specific Legos, dinosaurs he's made out of Legos, dinosaur stuffed animals, grow-bigger-in-water dinosaurs, squishy dinosaurs, baby dinosaurs in little eggs, multiple dinosaur pajamas, dinosaur shirts, trex slippers, a dozen dinosaur books, dinosaur stickers, remote control dinosaurs, dinosaurs with wheels, dinosaurs you paint, dinosaur coloring books, and the list goes ON.  Thank you if you read all that.  haha

He's seen Jurrassic World and I think he knew how big they are, but we were curious to see his reaction to these animatronic dinosaurs at Pangaea.  It just opened up in December at the Odyssey Aquarium and we thought it was pretty fun.  I think he knew every single dinosaur in there.  Sometimes he asks me "what's this one??" and I say something like, "Brachiosaurus," and he's like, "no brachiosaurus mom, Apaaaatosaurus."

Super psychedelic colors and loud rawr-ing noises inside, which I liked.  And the colors made for fun pictures, especially with my sweet new phone's camera, the PIXEL 2.

Mama's eyes:

He was a bit concerned at first, and very tentative about going up and seeing the dinosaurs up close.

See what I mean sweet phone's camera?  Credit must be given, James took this one, not me.

Emily stuck her head in the pterodactyl and it started to close on her face.

Bentz, what does a dinosaur say??  "RAWWWWWWWWR"

This was a dancing dinosaur.  Unfortunately all I captured was its rear end.

They have a dinosaur themed restaurant that we went to afterwards which was pretty tasty.  Then outside in the center of the whole place they had ice skating and such, it was festive.

I should have ordered one of these too.

I am not sure why our group photo is blurry, I sure hope it's just something on my end because otherwise that'd be lame.  But Bentz chose the triceratops to be in with us.

Bentz saw the pictures as I was uploading them and he said "do again!"  Success.

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