Miscellaneously Christmas

We're still in January so I'm golden.

Even though it was just a month ago, it feels like it's been longer than that.  Last year I never finished my Christmas posts because I got sick, but THIS year I will complete my Christmas series.  AKA the journal of Christmas on the ole blogster.  

Christmas break with a baby is fun because you get to literally spend your time enjoying him, instead of going about life/work and watching the days tick by way too fast on the calendar.  This guy was three months and super cute.

On Christmas Eve Eve, Bentz made and decorated dinosaur cookies with grandma and grandpa Hales.  He is the the master decorator, definitely comes naturally.

We love having a backyard and room for the dogs to roam.  Jolie has two dogs, an Italian Greyhound, Comet, and a Whippet, Jpeg.

Legos with dad, a favorite time of Bentz.  They already have made countless memories doing this and I know they will only make more.

We live next to a park and it's awesome!

This year we did a white elephant exchange for the first time within my own family.  There aren't a ton of us, but I thought maybe it would be fun.  It was fun, didn't last terribly long, but some of the gifts were great.

Jeff got his first ever Apple watch!

This rabbit spoon is from our childhood.  Us kids would fight over who gets to use the rabbit spoon, and we would have to take turns.  Fast forward and my mom dug it out and lo and behold that spoon is now MINE and Bentz eats his cereal in the mornings with it.  I can't wait for my kids to fight over it too.  #memories

Millions of pictures of the cute baby!

I think the picture below is from a movie they went to see.  I'm not sure, but it's cute so I include.

Bentz got plastic dinosaurs that you paint, and he painted the ones below.  I never got pictures of the actual painting, but he loved it.  One day I was feeding Dash, looked over, and Bentz had gotten all the paint out and was going to town on another dinosaur, sans any table covering.  So we have a few spots of paint on our table.  :P

We always play LCR, trivia, Bingo, etc., and the LCR still held strong despite not being up in Utah for Christmas this year.  I am not sure my luck these past couple of years, but I have not won once!  I defy the odds.  Waaah.

I have all these fun scenarios in my head of Bentz getting involved in Tball, soccer, karate, piano, swimming, etc., so I thought a Tball set would be a fun gift despite him never actually probably seeing one before.  But he's picking it up pretty well and I can't wait to get him on a league!

Carries his dinosaurs everywhere in his lunchbox.  Like Cafe Rio!

I have used the Kate Spade planners for a few years now, and I have loved them, but this year I went with this Reminder Binder that is super cheap, and so far I have LOVED it.  I am someone who likes to use paper/pencil for planning, and even for listing my work week out every Monday.

Put the shoes on his wrong feet -- doh.  :D

We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, sans kids, so that was a lot of fun and super random.  I get the same thing every time: petite filet and shrimp.  Get it, it's amazing.

And a Saturday morning post run breakfast at Panera.  I love having my family in town!

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