Week 10 of 27 - Getting my groove back.

Happy New Year!!  We celebrated it live with NYC at 10 because staying up until midnight I think is impossible these days.  :D  I currently am re-watching the aftermath concerts and such (on YouTube TV) since I missed these parts.

So week 10.  It started off on Christmas, so I busted out my Christmas tights for one more jaunt around the neighborhood.  One lady drove by me and practically hung out her window, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" which was fun.  haha

I've been mostly running in my Kinvaras but acquired some new Triumphs for Christmas which will be my next marathon shoe.  Jared Ward wears the Triumphs for long runs so I feel pretty cool that my last four marathons were in them...

This hot air balloon was all over the place, I swear it was trailing me.  When I got back home I had thought it landed but turned around and there it was again.

This week was a good one and I did all my runs outdoors in the perfect weather!!  I had some pick-ups + hills + easy + easy long, and for the first time felt more like my old usual running self.  I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to finally feel like that, to even have my running cadence kind of where it typically used to be too.  My pace has slowly dropped into the high 9s from the 11s and my abs are getting stronger too and less noticeable.  It is amazing that I was hugely prego 3-1/2 months ago, and that my body can go from that mess, to now feeling a little more normal-er-ish-like ;) with my fitness.

I switched my watch face from Christmas to an official countdown.  <4 months to go.  Just a fun daily reminder since I no longer have Christmas to look forward to.  Sad face for that part.

Hope you have a wonderful first week of the new year!  2018 mileage starts today so I will get my run in here shortly to start it off right.

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