Week 11 & Week 12 (of 27): Upping my mileage + Ben's Rock 'n' Roll AZ

Believe it or not, we're almost half way through 27 weeks, and I am finally starting to feel like my normal running self so that is perrrfect timing.  Most of my runs are still on the treadmill since the days are so short, but my long runs are outside...my favorite.

On the treadmill in a clash of beautiful colors...

The other week my coach sent me a message asking if I was ready to bump my mileage up since we've been working on a base for a little while.  I am excited to get my long runs into the double digits, it's been a whole year since I have run one.

Hot air balloons...

So I mention quite often my disdain for scorpions and some creepy desert creatures, and although this is the off season for dealing with many of them, I found this horrible centipede on my porch.  Luckily dead, thanks to our bug guys, but gross.  Did you know that they pinch, or "sting," and are quite painful?  I have never been stung by one (just a bark scorpion) but apparently it can be compared.  GOOD thing is you hardly ever see these horrid things.  Just scorpions.  I do not like either.

Just checkin'.

I have finally busted out the foam roller and such since I am more legit these days.  Now I need to get through without injury.

"Air squats, air squats, air squats, air squats, air squats..."

My long run this weekend was crappy and as soon as I started I knew it wouldn't be easy.  I don't know if I got a full 45:00 stretch of sleep that night and my body was obviously reacting to the sleep deprivation that I am for some reason surprised to still be in the deep depths of.  I pushed on and took breaks every mile as needed and eventually quit a few minutes early because I couldn't muster anything more.  It felt like the end of a bad marathon.  :P

Anywho, this weekend Ben ran the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona 1/2 marathon and we ventured down to cheer him on!  I am still figuring out this outing with two kids thing, but it went really well and the boys love being in their new stroller together.  Now that we have two kids we have decided right now we will probably alternate races.

Hanging out in the car before daring to brave the chilly morning...

I walked the entire bridge one way, then I literally walked the entire bridge backwards afterwards, to avoid the sun in the boys' faces.  hahaha  It took like an hour.  Cheer for runners, back up 30 feet, cheer for runners, back that thing up.

I love these guys in my life.  They make my world go 'round.

Way to go!!  His first 1/2 in nine months.

So onto week 12:  decline running, hill work, easy, easy long (I am hoping for 8-1/2 to 9 miles, tbc).  Have a great week!

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