Week 13/27 - 100 days to go!

This week we hit 100 days until race day!  My watch reminds me this every day.  It also reminds me what Bitcoin is at.  :P 

Annnnnd it tells me that the Olympics start in 18 days.

I like countdowns.

This week was better than last week and I had more energy on my runs (and I ate more CARBS).  When I am lacking in sleep, my diet falls apart or also lacks, so I paid extra attention to eating meals instead of focusing so much on my littles and my work.

This little one (below), he is just the cutest.  We're riding the struggle bus as far as sleep goes, and I am having a hard time figuring out anything:  when to put him to bed, how much to let him nap during the day, how long do I fight him with the darn crib, etc.  Everything that seems logical as far as a schedule, has not panned out.  Keep him up during the day and he'll be more tired at night!  No.  Let him nap as he needs because sleep begets sleep, he'll sleep through the night.  Nope!  Quit dairy.  I don't even eat dairy.  Try formula.  Been there, done that.  No matter what I try, he gets gassy and uncomfortable at night and cannot rest through it and keeps waking up.  I am not lying when I say he wakes up 1-3 times an hour.  It's KILLING me, thus I recently had doubts creeping in in regards to my running goals this spring, and being able to keep it up in such a state of exhaustion.  But the thing is, the running and the goals are what keep me feeling sane, what keep me pushing through, to be a better mom to our freaking cute babies, so for now I don't plan on backing down from my spring goals.

Anyways, tangent, he's pretty dang cute.

My long run was awesome, in some 50 degrees and sprinkling weather, and I picked up the pace towards the end.  A great reminder why I love to run!

5 weeks until Mesa-Phoenix 1/2, 14 until Charleston!

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