Gingerbread Houses

This is the last Christmas post I think.  I've mentioned that my family all pools our photos into one Google Photos album online so whenever we do stuff together I have a lot of pictures!  Then I sorted them all out into different Google Photos albums, and narrowed the pictures down drastically from there.  Then I usually Photoshop all my pictures to brighten them up for my blog, but I have learned that if I wait to have time to Photoshop, nothing gets posted, so with our new Pixel 2 bomb diggity phone cameras, I have gone ahead and posted photos straight from my phone, no Photoshopping.

Because you all cared about that.  hahaha

But anywho, the gingerbread houses were too spectacular to not post.  Sadly while everyone was giving descriptions and backgrounds of theirs, I was cleaning the table and missed them, so you will have to come up with your own.

My mom is the master frosting maker.

This one is Bentz's house.  While everyone was making them, he was like, "my's turn cracker house."  haha Awh.

I think that yellow bear Is Donald Trump and this one might be the White House.  lol  I think it is a Dallin masterpiece, and last year he did the Trump Tower.

He gave me a full on hickey.  haha

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