Mini Bunk Beds -- a DIY

We decided that 2018 would be the year we get our bed back.  The problem is, when we tried moving Bentz to his new room last summer, we missed him a lot more than we realized we would, and he felt SO far away, so we began brainstorming ways to keep him by us but not in BETWEEN us.  Or kicking us.  In the head.  :P

Ben is a handy man and likes to have projects around the house, so this one served multiple purposes.  He also took a day off work to help me begin the potty training, so he had an extra day around here.

Ben's brother is just like him, so he came over and helped out too.  May I add that Ben ran 13 miles before working on this all day?

What color do you want it?  Ummm blue!

Tadah!  Mini bunkbeds.  They fit a crib mattress which is more than a foot longer than Bentz is if he's stretched out, so it should work for a little while.  The glorious part is it is much smaller than a twin bed and fits in our room a lot easier, although we do now need to rearrange a few things.

We couldn't find crib mattress bunks anywhere, they were all twin.

Next?  A barn door.  And Ben wants to make it out of zebra wood which is really cool! 

We're also going to paint our kitchen cabinets white.  I use the term "we" very loosely here, but it will be a DIY.  We were quoted like over 3k for it to be painted and Ben was like...UH UH.


  1. I know I already said this but I am seriously envious of his DIY skills! I love that you put the bunks in your room! Also, I'm not a perv but that is a cute little bum!