Our Top 5 Baby Must Haves

#1 A swing!!  MUST!!  My boys have loved the swing and it is #2 to mom's arms.  Dash is particularly a fan of being in mom's arms 24/7 and sometimes the only way I can keep him content and get something done is by putting him in the swing, high power, with the music turned up and the mobile above him spinning.  My cousin has a Mamaroo and she said she doesn't like it because it doesn't have enough motion now that baby is more than a few weeks old, which I think is a helpful point when trying to decide on some sort of swing/rocker.  We have a Fisher Price swing and used it clear until Bentz could walk, and we'll probably do the same with Dash.  Hopefully it doesn't die first before, from all the mileage.  :P

#2 Owlet monitor:  I didn't have this with Bentz but it has been soooo nice with Dash.  I have had one red alarm in the 5+ months and it was the second day home, and it alarmed low oxygen (below 80).  I hope it was false (oxygen should be 95+ but it could dip a little occasionally in deep sleep), but I was able to wake baby boy up and make sure all was okay.  The nice thing is, if the monitor is having a hard time getting a reading, it'll alert you with a different color and will play a nursery rhyme instead of the red alarm noise so you don't freak out.  Overall it has allowed me to not be so stressed at night and be able to look over and see the green docking station and know all is well.  One more thing, when baby boy had croup, I could monitor his oxygen and make sure he was still okay despite the wheezy breathing, because the app allows you to monitor the oxygen and heart rate.

#3 Diaper changing station:  I didn't use this much with Bentz because his room was around the corner from the family room, but in our new house the boys' rooms are upstairs, so we have this changing station downstairs.  Ours has diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and a little drawer for stuff like diaper rash cream, vaseline, etc.  We've used it like 10x a day and unless you'll be changing all diapers in the nursery, this is so nice.

#4 Boppy:  I used a smaller Boppy-like pillow for the first little while, and finally bought a real Boppy and it was a lot nicer, bigger, easier to nurse with, and I wish I would've bought it from day one when I was trying to get the latch down and one wrong angle = pain.  I gave the old one to Bentz so now we both have Boppys.  :D

#5 Velcro swaddles:  These are the best!  We use the Summer Infant Swaddlemes and then we transitioned to the Summer Infant Swaddleme wrap sack which is bigger/looser and allows you to wrap with arms in or out, so you can start with one arm out to slowly adjust to not being swaddled.

Other things we have used this time:  Rock 'n' Play (auto rocks and vibrates), jumper, walker, Bumbo, and I think that's mostly it.  As a working mom, I need alllll the devices, although I'll be the first to admit that baby boy naps in my arms a few times a day still and I LOVE IT.

I did one of these three years ago and my list back then was a lot different, plus I was exclusively bottle feeding (blech!!).  Dash won't take a binky (insert major sad face here) and I refuse to pull out the electric pump because I'm still sick of it after three years.  One thing I have learned with baby #2 is they are all so individualistic and there is no real predicting what you're going to need, but it's nice to try to be prepared.  Or like that commercial, prepared-ish.  Just keep the receipts.

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