Summing up January!

I may not have it together these day, but ONE thing I have managed to do every day since 2018 hit, is during my last feeding of the day, I put together a quick collage of things that made me happy from that day, which 98% of the time is pictures of my family!  I am learning that being happy is a choice and I want to focus on those happy things in my life instead of waste away worrying about the opposite.

I use an app called PhotoGrid.

So I had 0 intentions of sharing these, but it is a timeline of the growing boys, so I changed my mind [thus you get to see many photos of a haggard yours truly].

Another thing.

When Ben gets to work, he concocts a quick email which lets me know he got to work safely, and covers anything we need to communicate about for that day, etc.  Every email for the past nine years has had a random "subject" that occasionally applies to the day in some way, or not.  lol  I really should've been documenting.

Like, January.
  • Surrenderishness
  • May or May Have Not
  • The Whole Enchilada
  • Drag it forward
  • Versus First Hand
  • Fifth Place
  • Restrictions Apply
  • Tumbled From
  • The Penthouse
  • Always Watching
  • The Wrong Side of the Bed
  • Craterface
  • The Whole Screen
  • Passed with Flying Colors
  • Fresh to the Max
  • Impact Point
  • Feature Uses
  • Ring in the Year
  • The Big Day
  • Hit Them Up
  • 2018 Kick Off

Now some January kid milestones while I'm at it:

  • Still obsessed with dinosaurs
  • Not potty trained but we're about to do it.  Like tomorrow.  #finally
  • Has become super into volcanoes and hot lava (hot laba!) and the combo of dinosaurs and volcanoes is his favorite.  Right now he's watching a song/dino/volcano show, "SMOKE FIRE LAVA VOLCANO!!"
  • Started primary and loves to go to primary with friends "pwiends."  Mom isn't so happy about having to stay for three hours though.  :P  
  • We took him to get screened at the school district after thinking maybe he was behind with speech, but he passed all the tests!
  • Still naps 2-3 hours a day, but usually if I bribe him with ice cream, going to the playground, or something like that afterwards.
  • His language has really exploded these past few months and he says the funniest things.  
  • Dad is the favorite parent, they are like BFFs.
  • Loves his baby brother and shows no signs of any jealousy, thank GOODNESS.
  • Has a major appetite for the first time ever.  Still super skinny though, the complete opposite of Dash.
  • Very outgoing, isn't happy when there aren't other kids at the playground.  Sooo social, which is crazy considering he is child #1.
  • Starts preschool this fall and will be one of the oldest which should fare well considering he's a boy.
  • Is very sweet and sensitive, loves to make Dash smile.
  • Can't say his Vs or Fs so HIGH FIVE is HIGH PIBE.  Loves giving high pibes.  :)
  • Woke up yesterday to, "et's go!"  "Um, go where?"  "The zoo!"  haha
  • Cries when Ben goes to work.  :(
  • Always says oh my gosh!  "Oh my gosssss!"
  • Likes to say,  "what's crackin?"  "Just hangin' out."  "Hi guys."  "Hi kids."  "Hey dudes."  "Supppper Bentley."  "Bentley super past!"  (Fast)
  • Still gets a toy every Saturday when we grocery shop and I have no idea how to stop that tradition.  lol
  • Is sooo cute and we love him.

  • Is super alert and has been for months.  I swear his age should be adjusted, cuz he is 4 months going on 7.
  • Loves mama <3
  • Thought he was cutting a tooth but apparently his gums just look like that all the time.
  • Doesn't sleep at night because he's so gassy.  I got a 3 hour stretch on Monday night and I can't tell you the last time that happened, but praise the heavens above was that nice!
  • Has two cute dimples!!
  • Still eats religiously and is at the 79% for weight!
  • Wears size 2 diapers but I think we could go up a size next time.
  • Wears 3-6 months but his belly makes some of them tight.
  • Has been intrigued with his hands lately.
  • Is a major slobbetron
  • Has mama's big eyes, but I'm not sure what color yet.
  • Loves the vacuum and sleeping in my arm while I work with the other one.  :)  (Like right now.)
  • Loves his brother!
  • Came down with croup and it's so sad!  We hardly go places so I guess sickness is really out to get everybody this year.


  1. My son had croup back in the summer -- and yeah, it sucked!

    Love all the pics... I suck at documenting but am hoping I can at least establish some kind of rhythm once the baby gets here.