Week 14 & 15 - An unplanned step back week + snowbirds!!

The other day I got a text from my dad with a picture of a house one mile from mine.  "Hey we are thinking of a second home in Phoenix, any thoughts on this one?" 


mean jokes, dad.

really mean jokes."  

Three days later they were here, signing on a lot in a new neighborhood, and the house will break ground within the month.  So that was NUTS.  Hoorah rah!

But lo and behold, unexpectedly I got to run with my dad!  And he is going to have a house 15 minutes from here come August/September.  AND it has a casita where my youngest brother and Emily will live in, to keep watch when my dad and Laura aren't here.  Fancy how it all came together.

Lots of treadmill miles these days, however the sunset is nearing the time of day where I will be able to squeeze in a shorter run outside instead.

Yay for Arizona socks.

Little guy just munching on my leg while I stretch.

I track my mileage way too many ways:  1-Daily Mile, 2-Training Peaks, 3-Garmin Connect, 4-Strava, 5-1000 mile challenge, and 6-this framed poster where I write it in (below).  My watch actually uploads to Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, Strava and the 1000 mile challenge automatically. 

My beef with Strava is how do you run and interact with the community with any sort of privacy?  I only friend people I know, I don't let the map show location within a certain mileage from my home which is usually where I always run, so then I can never be a part of the Strava competitions, and my run distances it posts are always off, sometime a TON.  So for now all my Strava miles are hidden unless I remember to make a run public to my friends list.  I like the concept, but I am also a paranoid runner.

^^Baby boy is sick and likes to watch his mama run.  the sound of the 'mill and fans puts him to sleep.  :)

This week 15 was less than stellar.  I originally had a record postpartum mileage planned (maybe 22 miles) but then I missed one run, and I have had a tight knee, so my coach mid week downgraded my split long run from 5+9 to 3+5 and we treated the week as a step back.  That ended up being perfect because baby Dash came down with CROUP on Wednesday and the little sleep we were getting became no more, and he has needed his mama even more.  Poor guy!!

He sneezed as I selfied.  Croup is sad sad sad...and scary too.  I took him in on day one and his lungs were clear and they gave him a steroid shot.  Thankfully the Owlet monitor allows me to monitor his oxygen at nighttime so I can immediately know if Croup is developing into anything, which hopefully will not happen.  It's sooo sad!!

The run I missed was my first intervals run!  This upcoming week I have five days of running, maybe to peak for the 1/2 marathon that is way too close for comfort, 3 weeks away.  But it'll be fun to have my family back in town.

Have a fabulous week.  Don't freaking get sick!!


  1. Awesome to have family so close! PkusPyouPcan run with your dad in the future or use him as babysitter :) i like strava for seeing what other runners do, but I don't like showing the map, so i manual enter all runs. Plus I track it on an excel sheet with details. I just order the Believe journal from Lauren Fleshmen. Can't wait for it to arrive tomorrow!

  2. That is SUCH great news about your Dad's new house!!! Neil was just in Arizona last week and said he totally wants a "winter" home there when we get old!