Week 16 & 17: freaking croup then a fabulous week

The highs and lows of marathon training, there are ever so many, it's what makes it so interesting. ;)

So week 16 was supposed to be my peak week for Phoenix 1/2, I was supposed to run 5x for somewhere 25 miles with a 10 mile long run. But baby B2 came down with croup the week before (SAD), then B3 caught it (SAD ^2), and mid week I started feeling the throat thing. I was determined to run through it all, but I tried for a run and decided I was being silly and I quit after a mile. I kept getting worse until Sunday, so I missed three runs total. Drrr.

Then Ben caught it and missed a couple runs too. We were a mess. lol But we're doing much better and week 17 was good!

A sick baby Dash liked to fall asleep with me in view, so I carried the swing up to the treadmill and he liked that.  :)

Back to the doctor for this little guy.  Everyone in the waiting room was hacking up a lung just like my boys.  I am so glad they have a sick side and a well side at the pediatrician's office and at least try to keep the germs separated.

My throat hurts.  Fudge.

The good news is after missing so many runs I was extra jazzed to get back to it and despite the evening juggle of dinner/family/run time, I was motivated to make it work without too much stress or guilt.  :)

First time I ran with both boys and no Ben to watch them.  Thank you tv and millions of toys, you save me sometimes.  And the SWING.  WE COULD NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT THE SWING.

My longest run for this upcoming 1/2 was 9 miles since I missed my peak long run.  Um I am absolutely terrified of this 1/2.  hahaha  It's going to hurt like crazy, and it's going to be so slow.  :P  But, alas, it will be fun too.  Maybe.  :P

Ben is further along in training than I am so he already ran 13 miles a couple of weeks ago.  I think he is planning to run somewhere a 1:35 at this race.

Stretching with dada.  Bentz is obsessed with dada.

My family is coming into town for this race.  I think my dad and Dallin are running the 10k, my sister, brother, Matt, Ben, and I are running the 1/2.  And grandma Hales will hold down the fort with the babies.  She'd rather do that (I can't say I blame her, they're freaking CUTE).

And now 10 weeks to go until 26.2.  Gotta get my mileage up asap.

Have a great week!  Supposed to be a cold one, and maybe stormy.  Fun when you live in the south!

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  1. Im glad you all are starstar to feel betterb WW had the sames swing with Zoe and sheswas also obsessed with it! ;)