February Family Update

February was pretty good to us despite the croup working its way through the whole house.  We finally got some winter weather, Dash started sleeping a bit more (which means I've started to get back to a more normal life), Bentley potty trained, and the Olympics, can't forget THE OLYMPICS!  

I've become jazzed about the "collage a day" idea that I randomly came up with for this year.  It has been the best, I look through them everyday!  So many fun memories packed into the days with our babies.

And remember the whole emails subjects thing I mentioned last month regarding Ben's daily emails?  Here are February's email subjects:
No Prescription Required
Incidentally Terrible
Defy the Carnage
More Lab Testing Required
Giant Hook
Left of Center, Not Justified
Sitting With Zeus
The Big V
Hostile Yet Endearing
Avoid The Plague
Difficult Brown
Do Ya, Punk?
Chow Line Cutter
Having A Hard Time
Weaving Complexities
Onsite Quandry
Party of Ten, Hold the Nine

And an update on the boys (since I am still working on Dash's month 3 update lol):

+Potty trained except he still fears #2 on the toilet so we still make a big deal of it.  But wears a pull up at night, because hello our bed.  :D  
+Told him we were going to get a new car and when we showed him a picture, he said, "no, dadda dribe red Porsche." hahaha
+Dinosaur love is as strong as ever, knows like 50 dinosaurs.  
+Obsessed with dad
+Has been missing more and more naps, although he is noticeably grumpy later when he misses one, so we're not ready to kiss them goodbye
+Signed up for preschool which starts at the end of July!  He is SO EXCITED.  Asks to go to school multiple times every day.
+Learned the different names of his grandparents, like grandpa Hales, grandma Cope, etc.
+Can get into the taller drawers in the fridge which is not my favorite thing in the world.
+Says the funniest things ever.  When he had croup and a sore throat:  "sore neck.  dadda take care of me!"  "My nose isn't working."
+Still can't say Fs or Vs.  "One... two... three... pour.... pibe.... six."
+Except he often leaves #5 out when he counts so I've been reminding him he's forgotten #5!  "1... 2... 3... 4.... 6.... 7... 5... 8... 9..."  :P
+Registered for his first year of preschool!  He is soooo excited and asks multiple times everyday if he can go to school.  "I peed on the potty, can I go to school?"
+Really into teaching his pretend friends about dinosaurs:  "This is Protoceratops.  Say it, pro-to-cer-a-tops!  Kinda looks like a Tricerotop but it's not, it has ONE horn."

+Has started sleeping longer stretches at night!  This is so good because I feel like my life starts to go back to normal when I am less sleep deprived and living in that haze.  We now co-sleep and he basically nurses all the night long, but who freaking cares...SLEEP.
+Getting SO big.  I keep thinking he'll taper, but no.  Then again, nurses all night long...
+Still won't take any type of binky.  Gets mad if you give him one when he's fussing.  How DARE you!  Give him boob.
+Is rolling all over the place and doesn't stay put for long.  
+Pretty close to sitting up.  If he's distracted by a far off toy then he'll fall over, but if he's chill, he can sit.
+Likes to watch mama make dinner.
+Has finally taken to other people and likes to chill with his dada too!
+Slobbers all down his shirt if I don't put a bib on him.
+Takes a morning nap in my arms at my desk and absolutely loves it (me too!).
+Can scoot around in the walker now.
+No teeth yet, but biting me a lot more (ow).
+Has had peas and green beans and doesn't seem to love them, but he accepts the fact that I am going to shovel them into his mouth.  He'll be happy when we give him the good stuff soon.

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