I'll be needing stitches.

We had our first round of stitches this past week.  Poor little B3 was running around the couch and slipped (on his toys :P ) and went head first into the fireplace rock.  Luckily Ben was home for lunch, because I picked up B3 and his head was bleeding all over!  


I sent my dad a picture and he said definitely stitches, then mentioned with the location on his face, we should probably find a facials plastic surgeon to sew it up, to help with the scar.  So we called place after place trying to avoid the E.R. for one, and doctor after doctor was gone or in surgery, but Ben finally found one that would take us in immediately!  

So that was the end of our work day and the beginning of a long family day ordeal!  We met with the facials plastics doc and he said the youngest he has sewn up in his office was 5 years old, and it can be kind of traumatic for younger ones to be stitched without gas, but we could at leas try it. 
We gave it a shot, but he started to cry and I didn't want to traumatize him from ever going to the doctor's again, so we decided to meet the doctor at the E.R. in a couple of hours to have him stitch it with gas.
We had a Chic Fil A playground break and I think all the other moms there were wondering why my child had a bloody gash.  lol
It was a pediatric E.R. so that was nice.  It was also right smack downtown right during rush hour, so that was a little stressful.
They were so great with him!
He chose the dinosaur bandage of course.  It actually really made him happy!  They wrapped some topical anesthetic on his wound for 20-30 minutes with it.
Practicing with the "astronaut mask."  ;)
They kicked baby B2 and I out for the actual thing.  BOO.  There were too many people in the room so I get it, but still, BOO.  Especially when he started to cry and I was clear across the E.R.  But they started pumping him with the laughing gas and he started giggling.  :)
Then they gave him this massive dinosaur toy and a popsicle!  I was like "that is so nice of them!"  Then I realized that it was actually a very expensive dinosaur.  ;)
 Has his dad, a toy, popsicle, and the "dadda docta pixed my boo boo!"  All better!
That was really sad to watch him go through so I hope that we don't have to deal with anything like it for awhile!  Thank goodness it wasn't worse.

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