Week 18 & 19 (of 27) - Confidence!

Going into the Phoenix 1/2 I was majorly doubting my legs and my ability to run the distance without majjjjjor suffering, but afterwards I came to realize that I really just need to give myself more credit than I do.  The race gave me a boost of confidence going into the next couple of months where my long run is going to double, and instead of being so terrified, I'm a little jazzed (still a littttle terrified, but yeah).

The theme the past couple of weeks has been treadmilling with the boys.  Dash likes to swing and watch his mama run, Bentz likes to watch dinosaur shows or I put SING on for them, and so far I have been able to get my runs in.  Even just six months ago I wouldn't have dared with Bentz, but he is now at the age where he will stay away from the treadmill while I'm on it so I don't always have to wait for Ben to be home.  This is soooo nice because I used to always juggle dinner and running and try to have them both finish around the same time.

I do this madness because running gives me goals and makes me a happier person/mom/wifey.

Race week I had some harder runs, but lower mileage.  I don't quite understand that, but that is why I don't do my own schedules.  :)

On occasion I run late and this guy just wants his mama all the time so he doesn't want to go to bed.  He could lay here literally 24/7 if I could too.  He's the cutest!

A few of my Instagram Stories...

I am almost 6 months postpartum and my abs are still ridiculously exhausted after longer runs, it is kind of a weird feeling I never had before this round of postpartum.  I also am pretty sure I have some abdominal separation above my belly button so I have to be careful with my core workouts and avoid things like crunches and such.  I mostly have been doing things like lunges, squats, jump rope, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, etc.

Bentz demonstrating the squat with a weight.  ;)

^It was 45 degrees but once the sun is up, everything changes, so I have to make sure I'm cold at the start or I'll have regrets.  And I bought a new batch of headbands and this one has donuts on it which I'm pretty thrilled about!!

Below I'm pointing out where all the hot air balloons were taking off from.  I was going the other direction so wah.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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